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What's cooking?

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Recently Avant Homes revealed its highly innovative new specification which features a number of firsts and exclusives, including a new partnership with global appliance brand Hotpoint. Hotpoint head of brand, Jennifer Taylor, tells us about the many cooking benefits of the Hotpoint Multiflow oven.

The oven is a star-player in the kitchen; helping you to create delicious meals and terrific treats. Your Hotpoint pyrolytic, multi-function, built-in oven is so much more than a typical oven and is equipped with the latest technology to provide you with an effortless cooking experience.

Top tips to make sure you get the most out of your oven…

Go with the flow

The Hotpoint oven has a built-in Mutliflow Heat Distribution system, which guarantees a completely even cooking temperature throughout the oven. The state-of-the-art technology creates an enveloping heat flow that produces optimal heat distribution.

Multiflow ensures there are no burnt edges or raw middles, just perfect results every time.

Whichever shelf you choose, Multiflow ensures your dishes will cook perfectly. You can be safe in the knowledge that your cakes will rise perfectly and your favourite lasagne will be evenly baked.

Multiflow gives you the confidence to try new recipes and cooking methods. Enjoy free rein in the kitchen and express your creativity in your cooking!”


We all know that regularly cleaning the oven will increase its longevity. It is, however, a dreaded task. Fortunately pyrolytic translates to self-cleaning. Yes, really, your Hotpoint oven cleans itself.

The oven pristinely cleans itself, by safely heating up to 500ᵒC, burning off any fat and grease, to leave just a dusting of ash that is easily wiped away. Your oven door is quadruple glazed, leaving it cool to touch, and is locked throughout cleaning process to maximise safety.

Simply select ‘Cleaning’ from the main menu and choose which programme you would like to run. The oven will lock automatically and the display will show a progress bar. The oven will remained locked until the temperature has returned to a safe level.

There are two cleaning cycles available; a full cycle and a shorter cycle. We recommend regularly using the shorter cycle, however if the oven needs a deeper clean the full cycle works miracles.

Costing just a few pence per cycle, pyrolytic cleaning technology saves you spending money on dedicated oven cleaners and gloves. It is also a lot quicker and saves your elbow grease because honestly, who enjoys cleaning their oven?”

Just don’t forget to remove any baking trays, shelves and shelf supports before cleaning!

Automated cooking

Your Hotpoint oven has 28 pre-set cooking recipes. The oven will set the optimum cooking temperature, the function and the time, automatically for any of the pre-programmed recipes such as pizza, roast potatoes and roast chicken. Take a peek at the Hotpoint recipe book for all the 28 recipes.

Select ‘Recipes’ from the main menu, using the arrows, and choose from any one of the 28 dishes. The oven will automatically manage the temperature and the cooking time. The oven will switch off when the cooking is complete, so all you need to worry about is setting the table.

Don’t forget about the meat probe too, which measures the core temperature of the joint during cooking. Insert the probe deep into the meat, avoiding bones or any fatty areas, and then plug the probe into the socket on the right-hand side of the oven. The oven will produce an audio signal when the meat or poultry has reached the set temperature. Ideal for your roast chicken, joint of beef, or leg of lamb, the meat probe takes the guess work out of cooking meat and helps to produce delicious and succulent results every time.”

Fabulous features

Your Hotpoint oven is there to help care for the things that matter most to you. Handy programmes such as keep warm, frozen food and slow cooking are there to make your cooking experience as stress-free as possible.

The oven can also cook any type of food without the need for pre-heating. This will reduce the overall cooking time and reduce energy consumption by 25 per cent.

Convenient features, such as electronic temperature control, which minimise temperature swings, the built-in timer and the delayed start option, are all there to help you run your kitchen effectively and efficiently.


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