The top 10 parks in Chesterfield

Chesterfield is a town known for its beautiful scenery and warm community. Its pride and joy are its many parks, enjoyed and maintained by the town’s locals.

Here are a few of our favourite parks in Chesterfield:

Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park in Chesterfield is one of the town’s most culturally significant green spaces, in large part due to the fact that it is the home of the famous Chesterfield cricket grounds – playing host to exciting matches since 1898. 

However, there’s a lot more to Queen’s Park than cricket. The park also features a lovely café, a beautiful lake and a miniature railway for the little ones to hop aboard! 

Every Sunday, during the summer months, Queen’s Park also hosts a brass band which helps give the park a mellow ambience on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ringwood Park

Ringwood Park is a green space surrounding Chesterfield’s Ringwood Lake. 

Perfect for a gentle walk, Ringwood Park offers idyllic views from pretty much any point and also boasts a large playground for the perfect afternoon for the whole family.

Eastwood Park

A great park for any fitness enthusiasts, Eastwood Park in Hasland, Chesterfield offers a free outdoor gym as well as a number of football and cricket pitches.

However, Eastwood Park is also popular amongst nature lovers too, offering both a rose garden and community garden as well as an Arboretum., 

There’s also a dedicated wildlife area, contributing to Eastwood Park having one of the most diverse ecosystems of all the parks in Chesterfield.

Hardwick Park

Hardwick Park is one of only a few national trust sites in Chesterfield. It’s designated as such due in large part to the rare breed of longhorn cattle and sheep that roam its 2,500 acres of woodland and farmland. 

The park is also known for its wetland, being a popular area amongst anglers particularly during prime angling season between June and February. 

Members of the local Bess of Hardwick angling club are handed permits to fish in these ponds, but you can also request a daily fishing permit from the rangers who manage the ponds too. 

Poolsbrook Country Park

Poolsbrook Country Park is one of the largest parks in Chesterfield and also doubles as a popular caravan site.

The sheer size of the park means it’s able to boast numerous horse trails and angling lakes as well as extensive walking paths. 

Popular amongst families, the park offers free parking for up to 100 cars and also has a fun play area for kids. 

Somersall Park

Somersall Park is very much a community-led project. The volunteer group, the Friends of Somersall Park, play a large role in, and do a great job of, maintaining the natural beauty of the park, – regularly working with the local council to secure grants to ensure that the park, and the locals who love it, continue to thrive. 

Highfield Park

Highfield Park is an incredible open green space in Chesterfield that offers dogs a safe and secure space to run freely!

More than just a great place for pet owners, Highfield Park also boasts a number of sports facilities for locals to use, along with a playground for younger children to keep themselves entertained! 

Brushfield Park

Brushfield Park boasts a community absolutely dedicated to making it an inclusive space for everyone in Chesterfield.

The volunteer group that helps maintain the park, the Friends of Brushfield Park, have, in recent times, put a lot of effort into creating an accessible play area that children with or without disabilities can enjoy!

Badger Park

Badger Park has been something of a success story for Chesterfield. 

One of the parks in Chesterfield that was scheduled to be closed during the pandemic in 2020, the community gathered around the park and raised money to drastically improve the park and keep it open. 

This culminated in March 2022 with the installation of a brand new, state-of-the-art playground, designed by local schoolchildren. 

The local community group, the Friends of Badger Park, regularly host picnics, treasure hunts and allotment days in an effort to bring the community together and raise funds for the park. 

Brearley Park

Home to a rare collection of invertebrates, butterflies and migrating birds, Brearley Park is a designated nature reserve in Chesterfield built around the Brearley Wetlands. 

The perfect park for appreciators of the natural world, Brearley Parks boasts a diverse botanical ecosystem made up of grasslands, hedgerows and shrubbery.

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