The best parks in Middlesbrough

A town boasting several beautiful parks, Middlesbrough is known for its biodiverse nature reserves and its pleasant paths alongside the River Tees.

If you’re considering making this lovely town your home, we’ve put together a list of the best parks in Middlesbrough to help you familiarise yourself with some of the finest green spaces in the area. 

Albert Park

Albert Park is one of the biggest parks in Middlesbrough and one of its oldest urban parks, dating back to 1853.

Albert Park is known for being home of some of the town’s most lauded monuments including a statue of local football legend, Brian Clough, and a Grade II-listed sundial.

The park was most recently awarded the Green Flag Award in 2022 by the Civic Trust and features a beautiful fountain, a bandstand as well as the pristine Lower Lake that’s proven popular amongst boaters and anglers. 

Stewart Park

A park designed for the whole family and the largest park in Middlesbrough, Stewart Park offers visitors a whole array of family-friendly activities including a petting zoo and the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum – a tribute to the famous 18th century naval explorer and circumnavigator that documents his life and features a number of items that survived from his childhood home.

Covering an extensive 120 acres, the park is also home to one of Askham Bryan College’s campuses, two lakes, a café, a Captain Cook-themed play area, and wide stretches of mature woodland.

As with the aforementioned Albert Park, Stewart Park was also recently awarded the Green Flag Award in 2022

Pallister Park

Described as a “leisure centre without a roof”, Pallister Park is known for its extensive selection of facilities.

The park has its own bowling club, a roller-skating rink, a football pitch (both an indoor and outdoor one), as well as several play areas.

One of the parks in Middlesbrough seemingly designed for group activities, Pallister Park is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere outdoorsy to hang out with your mates. 

Fairy Dell Park

Something of a wild wonderland, Fairy Dell Park is a largely untouched bit of woodland boasting a diverse ecosystem and a beautiful stream that runs through it.

The park is particularly popular amongst nature lovers and offers a number of peaceful, therapeutic trails for walkers of all abilities.

Strolling through the park, visitors will also come across a whole array of inspired carvings and woodwork, designed by local artists, to admire.

As its name suggests, there genuinely is something quite magical about Fairy Dell Park. 

Hemlington Lake and Recreation Centre

Designed largely around its impressive lake, the Hemlington Lake and Recreation Centre is a park that attracts many of the town’s keen sailors and local fishermen.

However, the recreation centre is pretty popular in its own right, regularly hosting all manner of classes including ballet and karate and having a fully equipped gym.

The park itself also has several football pitches, a kid’s play area, a skate park, as well as an orchard. 

Teesaurus Park

As the name might suggest, Teesaurus Park takes a lot of inspiration from those gargantuan prehistoric creatures of a Jurassic persuasion and is situated by the River Tees.

A dinosaur-themed park, Teesaurus is the perfect park for the whole family – providing kids with a sense of adventure and added fuel for their already active imaginations as they take in some of the impressive dinosaur steel structures scattered across the park.

As any good dinosaur-themed park should have, Teesaurus has a play area that kids can run around in as well as a picnic area.

Coulby Newham Nature Reserve

With a pristine pond at its centre, Coulby Newham Nature Reserve is a little slice of paradise made up of exotic woodlands and grasslands.

Visitors to the park find its tranquil atmosphere therapeutic and treat the park as an escape from the hustle and bustle of town life.

With a mellow, simple aesthetic and a diverse selection of plants to admire, the park has become a favourite amongst locals that enjoy a good relaxing stroll. 

Berwick Hills Nature Reserve

Home to a whole host of amphibians including frogs, newts and toads, Berwick Hills Nature Reserve is surrounded by a number of pretty wildflower meadows, woodlands and ponds.

A relaxing and undisturbed part of Middlesbrough, this nature reserve is a lovely place to explore and while away a pleasant afternoon. 

Ormesby Hall Gardens

Breaking up an otherwise industrial part of Middlesbrough, the National Trust-owned Ormesby Hall Gardens provides workers with some greenery during their lunch breaks.

Situated right at the heart of Middlesbrough industrial region, Ormesby Hall is home to not only 240 acres of beautiful parkland and farmland, but also a café and a secondhand bookshop.

Visitors can also go on tours around the majestic hall itself, taking in the hall’s incredibly lavish Georgian décor as they do.

However, beyond its great selection of parks, Middlesbrough has a lot to offer and is a wonderful place to live. Find out more about living in Middlesbrough