How to create a soothing spa experience at home

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We all need some time out and a pamper day is the ideal tonic. The self-care industry has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, with the UK spa market valued at £7.1 billion in 2023.

Heading to the spa is a real treat, but it often comes with a price tag. When we’re in need of some last-minute TLC where can we turn?

Our spa bathroom ideas will help you transform your bathroom into the sanctuary you need – without ever having to leave the house. From the right scents to those final touches, give yourself a little spa bathroom inspiration and make some time for relaxation.

Choose colour schemes to create a sense of calm

Colour palettes can have a tremendous effect on how we feel. The world’s most famous brands capitalise on this – think red for excitement with Coca Cola, or yellow for optimism like National Geographic.

The objective of a spa bathroom is to make us feel calm. So we need to focus on colours that aren’t over-stimulating, but instead offer relaxing properties.

  • Powder or baby blues can mimic the sky, while blue light helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Mint or jade green help us reconnect with nature.
  • Soft pinks or rose golds have been proven to calm people down in high-pressure situations.
  • White does not have to be sterile it can often evoke a feeling of cleanliness.
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Ignite all the senses – including smell

Smell is often cited as our most powerful sense, helping to spot danger and bring back memories. You’ll notice whenever you enter a spa that there are certain natural aromas, likely originating from essential oils.

Lavender is a popular choice among spas as it helps to reduce anxiety and induce sleep. Likewise, ylang ylang helps to lower blood pressure, with a subtle but calming scent. Many spa-goers may prefer the familiarity of everyday items like orange or vanilla. Try incense sticks or scented candles to awaken this sense.

Deck out your spa bathroom with these salon essentials

Remember that you are as much a part of this experience as your bathroom is. So, load it up with all the items you would find in a spa. Invest in fluffy towelling robes and slippers ready to grab as soon as you get out of the bath.

Keep your bathroom cupboard stocked with face masks, hair masks and foot cream or pumice stones. This is a head-to-toe experience, so all of these should be within easy reach.

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Make everything accessible with spa bathroom accessories

Nothing should be an effort with your spa bathroom décor, so invest in a few accessories to make the experience easier. For example, a bath tray can hold books, tablets, wine glasses and soaps without you having to move from the tub.

Keep your pamper items in designated trays or boxes so you can get into relaxation mode quickly. These are ideal if space is an issue and are less intrusive than bathroom cupboards. Dispensers for essential oils will help fill the room with your favourite scent – particularly if you’re worried about candles.

Add the final touches

Modern spa bathroom inspiration comes with a touch of technology, naturally. This can be as simple or advanced as you like – for example, you might want to invest in freestanding waterproof speakers and pop on your favourite playlist.

How about a super ambient underwater light to capture those calming blue effects? You may also want to shut off natural light or streetlights from the outside world, so consider Roman or even blackout blinds for your bathroom. Light has an impact on our circadian rhythms which govern our sleep – so we’re more likely to nod off in darker conditions.

Make a playlist of classical music or nature sounds to keep you calm but try to keep your smartphone out of your bathroom if you can. You wouldn’t take it onto the massage table, so keep it out of your home spa!

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