Top 10 restaurants in Middlesbrough

A town boasting an eclectic array of restaurants, Middlesbrough is one of North Yorkshire’s most popular districts amongst foodies thanks to how culturally diverse the town is and its propensity for attracting some of the finest chefs in the region. 

The following is our list of 10 of the best restaurants in Middlesbrough. 

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

Bringing the traditional Brazilian Churrasco dining experience to Middlesbrough, Rio is as perfect as it gets for meat lovers. 

“Churrasco” refers to a popular all-you-can-eat style of dining where servers continuously prepare the juiciest cuts of meat for you to indulge in until you decide you are absolutely stuffed. 

It works using a simple traffic light system. Upon being seated, you’ll be given a card with a red bull on one side and a green bull on the other. If you want the waiter to keep bringing you cuts of meat, make sure the green bull is turned the right side up and whenever you need a break, simply switch back to the red bull. 

However, it’s not just an endless meat feast. Rio also offers a brilliant salad bar featuring all manner of healthy tasty salad options as well as a number of cold cuts, cheeses and traditional Brazilian side dishes.

A rich and eclectic feast enjoyed at your own pace, Rio Brazilian Steakhouse comes highly recommended and, as of 2023, is the highest rated of all the Middlesbrough restaurants listed on TripAdvisor. 

Turtle Bay

Celebrated across the length and breadth of the UK, with restaurants scattered across pretty much every major city in the UK, Turtle Bay has sparked something of a culinary revolution with its bold flavours, incredible cocktails and infectious energy, and its restaurant in Middlesbrough encapsulates all the best bits of the Turtle Bay spirit. 

With a regularly updated menu and 2 for 1 happy hour deals 7 days a week from opening time till 7pm and 9.30pm till closing time, there are few restaurants in Middlesbrough guaranteed to give you a better time than you’ll have in Turtle Bay.   

The Zetland

A classic French brasserie serving up some of the finest European cuisine you’ve ever tried, The Zetland is a venue who’s aesthetic and overall presentation would suggest exuberant fine dining but whose prices are surprisingly reasonable. 

Offering up a great selection of wines as well as a kid’s menu that’ll accommodate even the fussiest of eaters, The Zetland also offers an exciting three-course set menu that gets updated daily. 

The Zetland proves that great food and great value don’t need to be mutually exclusive concepts. 


A fusion of the best of African and Caribbean cuisine, Manjaros is known for its excellently seasoned dishes – usually capped off with their signature Manjaros sauce.  

With carefully curated recipes designed to titillate every taste bud, their dishes range from mild to giving you a hell of a kick (emphasis on hell) and their signature sauce comes in a whole variety of flavours – ranging from mild alligator peppers to the much hotter hot bird eye chilies. 

For food with a bit more personality to it, we encourage you to pay Manjaros a visit. 


Offering a taste of Napoli to its many patrons, Oven is a proudly Italian dining establishment, serving up traditional sourdough pizzas, the freshest pasta and their cooked to perfection 28-day aged Aberdeen Angus Beef steaks.  

With vividly colourful interior and warm lighting, Oven has a lovely, cosy energy to it that, when paired with the smell of fresh pizza dough, creates the most welcoming atmosphere for diners. 

Café Lilli

A café that truly enshrines itself within the community, Café Lilli is a modern restaurant that prides itself on being a Market to Table restaurant – meaning that all of their ingredients are locally sourced from suppliers in the North East. 

Their seasonal menus guarantee that their offering remains fresh and innovative. 

Speaking of innovation, Café Lilli is also known for its unique Coravin technology – a device that allows wine to be poured without removing the cork. This ensures that the wine remains its best for longer and allows patrons to enjoy the same excellent experience whether they order their wine by the bottle or by the glass.

They also regularly invite local artists down to perform their music at the café too.

Central Park

Boasting one of the more eclectic menus in Middlesbrough, Central Park is a café that serves up everything from American cuisine to Italian cuisine to Mexican cuisine to Greek cuisine. 

With such an extensive menu, including a children’s menu and a decadent dessert menu, Central Park is the perfect place for the whole family. There’s genuinely something for everyone to enjoy.

Central Park also offers great value for money with their incredible buffet menu and offers a wide selection of cocktails, wines, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 


An Italian restaurant that’s especially known for its fresh and sustainable seafood – being awarded for its efforts at the London City Awards – Fellinis also serves up various steak, chicken and lamb dishes too, as well as a wide range of pizza and pasta dishes. 

Fellinis is also well known for its legendary British charcuterie boards which make for excellent starters or light lunches.

The restaurant also offers up a varied and exciting vegetarian and vegan menu as well an extensive wine list.  

Acropolis Greek Taverna

One of the finest Greek restaurants Middlesbrough has to offer - with over 200 five-star reviews – Acropolis offers patrons a truly authentic Greek dining experience.

From their tasty grilled meats to their mezzes, and their various pasta and risotto dishes to their exceptional seafood, Acropolis is known for their excellent platters and their perfectly seasoned fries. 

Acropolis also offers a number of special 2 course set meals as part of both their lunchtime and evening offerings. 

The Chairman

Serving up a number of traditional gastropub favourites like juicy burgers and fish and chips, The Chairman also offers a number of light bites and sharing platters too.   

Additionally, The Chairman boasts a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options too ensuring that whatever your dietary requirements, you’ll leave The Chairman truly satisfied. 

The restaurant is also known for its legendary Sunday lunches and is a keen supporter of Middlesbrough’s live music scene, regularly giving solo artists a chance to showcase what they can do in front of a supportive audience…you! 

However, if you are considering living in Middlesbrough, restaurants are only one of the things to look forward to. There’s so much more to Middlesbrough than that. 

Find out everything you need to know about living in Middlesbrough.