Top 10 Restaurants in Newcastle

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Known for its brilliant nightlife and eclectic social scene, Newcastle restaurants are considered to be some of the best in the North, boasting cuisines from all over the world.

A city with something for everyone, including a wide selection of vegan restaurants, Newcastle has earned its many plaudits (including having 9 of its restaurants featured in the 2022 Michelin Guide).

Here is a list of what we consider to be 10 of the best restaurants in Newcastle.

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House of Tides

We have to start with House of Tides, the only restaurant in Newcastle upon Tyne to be able to boast a Michelin star, as of 2022.

With this quayside restaurant, Newcastle is able to offer locals and visitors alike a unique dining experience, putting a fine dining twist on a number of British classics.

Despite its excellently presented dishes, House of Tides is very much a casual and cosy spot where everybody is welcome and any pretention of formality is thrown out the window.

With its lovely open fireplace and its merchant town house aesthetic, you will instantly feel at home at House of Tides.

Peace & Loaf

Known for its array of diverse British tasting menus, Peace & Loaf is a labour of love for its celebrated Chief Proprietor, Dave Coulson.

With a menu that is proudly British, Dave is keen to source only fresh and locally acquired produce, with the restaurant’s menu being seasonal to ensure that every diner is treated to food that is at its absolute best.

Each of the seasonal tasting menus offered at Peace & Loaf represent a distinct take on British food, with no two meals ever feeling the same.

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The Muddler

Offering an authentic Pan Asian experience to its patrons, The Muddler is one of our favourite restaurants in Newcastle thanks, in large part, to its attention to detail, whether it is the care and attention that goes into how each dish is presented, or the ornately designed aesthetic of the restaurant that completely transports you.

The Muddler also offers a wide selection of cocktails, making it the perfect spot for a casual catch up with friends and family or ideal for a fun work do.


One of the more popular restaurants in Newcastle City Centre, 21’s contemporary menu is a fun and elegant excuse to leave your house.

A popular Quayside restaurant, Newcastle locals know 21 well as it was a cornerstone of Newcastle’s cultural renaissance in the late 80s/early 90s.

With its French cuisine and famously flavourful dishes, you will still be talking about your meal days after eating at 21.

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Vinny’s at The Patricia

Giving off strong New York energy, Vinny’s at The Patricia brings that unique Italian New York flavour to Newcastle, with a perfectly crafted menu that is beautifully simple and does the simple things exceptionally.

Celebrated by many a food critic, including from respected publications like The Guardian, Vinny’s at The Patricia is highly recommended if you believe eating out should be more than just a sit down meal, but an event.

Super Natural Café

If you are looking for great vegan restaurants, Newcastle certainly has a number of them, with a local favourite being the Super Natural Café.

More than just word play connoisseurs, the brilliant minds at the Super Natural Café have designed a beautifully lit, vibrant spot in the heart of Newcastle.

With its eclectic décor, exciting cocktails and generously portioned breakfast and lunch options, this excellent dog-friendly restaurant/coffee shop is a must if you live in Newcastle.

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Cook House

A staple of the Good Food Guide since 2016, Cook House’s success belies its humble beginnings.

Starting off as a supper club in a converted shipping container, Cook House has deservedly grown over the years into a multi-floor dining establishment.

However, still at its very core is its focus on community; establishing an open, non-stuffy place where people just want to hang out.

Cook House also sources all of its produce from local suppliers, with an ever-changing seasonal menu.

If you are looking for a place that serves fresh, great-tasting home cooked food that looks and feels good, we highly recommend going to Cook House for breakfast or lunch.

Cook House also has a connected shop where you can buy some of the ingredients they use in their own delicious dishes.


With two restaurants in Newcastle – one on Dean Street and one on High Bridge – Kaltur is a Spanish wine bar and restaurant group that appeals to every type of diner.

Its Dean Street location is situated in Newcastle’s theatre district and is the perfect place to grab a bite ahead of a show, or enjoy a late night dinner with friends or family.

There is also its High Bridge location, its original location, which is slightly smaller than its restaurant on Dean Street, High Bridge has a more intimate atmosphere, mirroring some of the cosy spots found all across Spain.

At the heart of each of Kaltur’s Mediterranean delights is its special Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), which perfectly compliments a number of the restaurant’s favourites including their irresistible paellas and their exciting tapas selection. As with any good Spanish restaurant worth their salt, Kaltur also boasts an extensive wine selection too!

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The French Quarter

Describing themselves as being “French dining without the fuss’, The French Quarter seeks to prove that French food does not have to be pretentious or stuffy.

Tasty yet affordable, their menu is exciting without being convoluted, and their dishes are reasonably priced instead of feeling extortionate.

The French Quarter also offers both a 2 and 3 course set menu during the week, from Tuesday to Friday.

French, casual dining at its finest, The French Quarter comes highly recommended.

Mantra Thai

If you are looking for your new go-to Thai restaurant, Newcastle has Mantra Thai. Authentic and true to Thai culture as possible, Mantra Thai’s chefs proudly state that they put their heart into each dish they create, with the goal of putting smiles on faces.

We certainly smile whenever we get the chance to eat here!

Mantra Thai offers customers a broad array of dishes including a number of gluten-free and vegetarian options, as well as kid’s menu designed to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

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If you are something of a foodie, Newcastle is definitely the place for you. Explore some of the developments we have near Newcastle and plan your move!