How to style a console table

Whether in your hallway, landing, living room or bedroom, a console table is a prominent piece of furniture great for breaking up a room. But what is a console table you might ask? Console tables come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually slender, long tables positioned against a wall or behind a sofa. Being very versatile, they can be used as extra storage or a place for décor.

This piece of furniture adds personality and can instantly lift a room in your home. Combining colour, texture, line, and a scale of items. If you’re thinking about how to style your console table, here are a few of our go-to tips. 

Start with a focal point

When starting to plan how to style a console table, it is important to start with a main focal point. This will help you decide on the direction you take with your styling. A piece of artwork, an oversized mirror or gallery wall are fantastic focal points that can make a big impression. Let the size of your console table determined the size of your focal point, we recommend it being slightly narrower than the width of your table.

Balance and symmetry

Most people tend to go for a balanced layout when styling a console table. Make your décor more pleasing to the eye, by using symmetrical pieces such as a pair of lamps or ornaments on each side of your focal point. However, it’s important not to obscure too much of your focal point, so take scale in to account when choices your pieces. If you’re after a more relaxed feel, create an unbalanced look, placing mix taller objects with smaller items such as bowls or candles.

Greenery and florals

Include some nature, maybe that be a plant, a succulent, or a vase of fresh or faux flowers. It will add a pop of colour and contrast against straight-lined décor. Incorporating natural elements into your styling brings life and freshness to the space. These features can be changed to match the season too.

Personal touches

Make sure that your console table styling incorporates your personal style and interests by adding meaningful, important objects. Add family photos, sentimental items or unique pieces which reflects your personality.

When styling your console table, remember to have fun and experiment with different objects and combinations. It should be a personal expression of your own style and taste, in keeping with your room’s décor. Why not make it even more inviting by adding your favourite home fragrance, like a candle or diffuser.