Your new Avant home comes with the comfort and assurance provided by the NHBC 10 year Buildmark Warranty. In the first two years of this warranty Avant Homes are responsible for addressing any issues you may have that are covered under the terms of the warranty, after which time the NHBC will assume responsibility for the remaining term.

In the unlikely event of you experiencing issues with your new home, this guide provides you with additional information about some issues (not exhaustive) which can occur. It also advises on what constitutes an issue/defect, explains what can be done about it, and details where responsibility sits.

It also references the importance of logging damages at the First ‘In-Home’ Visit (FIHV), as Avant Homes will not be held responsible for damages that occur post occupation after this time.

In addition to this document, we have a comprehensive ‘Hints, Tips & Guides’ section that covers a host of additional areas and provides guides and videos to help you maintain and enjoy your new home. This can be found under the “Contact & Support” section of the Avant Homes website, or by clicking here.