10 Best Kettering Restaurants

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A popular commuter town in the East Midlands, there are a number of brilliant restaurants in Kettering covering a wide array of cuisines as well as some fantastic family dining options.

Below is a list of some of the best restaurants Kettering has to offer.

1.) Casa Di Roma

With a warm and cosy ambience to match the welcoming aromas of their comfort food filled menu, Casa Di Roma is one of the more popular Italian restaurants in Kettering, thanks to its authentic, freshly prepared dishes and the importance they place on great service.

Elegant in design but still relaxed enough for family dining or meeting up with friends, Casa Di Roma’s aesthetic is one that manages to have a timelessly stylish charm without coming across as pretentious.

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2.) Jurassic Grill

The most popular dinosaur restaurant Kettering has to offer (admittedly a fairly niche category), Jurassic Grill is a dinosaur themed dinery serving up all the usual kids’ favourites – burgers, fries and various other finger foods.

Perfect for a themed birthday party or the ideal visual distraction for a child as they’re waiting for their meal, Jurassic Grill is the type of interactive restaurant that manages to be as fun for children as it is for their parents.

Expect loads of bad puns, surprisingly decent dinosaur sculptures and a pretty fun time!

3.) Restauracja Gospoda

If you like your Polish cuisine, Restauracja Gospoda is the place for you. Offering up generous portions of hearty Polish dishes, the restaurant’s simple but authentic menu captures Poland’s essence perfectly, giving diners new to Polish cuisine the perfect starting point and those missing home a comforting hit of nostalgia.

Slightly tucked away and with a menu that’s not overly showy, don’t let Restauracja Gospoda’s humility dissuade you, the restaurant doesn’t do loads, but it does the little things right. From their freshly prepared cheeseburgers to their warming array of soups, it’s the perfect little place for a bite to eat.

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4.) The Wama’s Lounge

Experience the taste of the Mediterranean at The Wama’s Lounge. With all of the rich flavours you’d expect from a Mediterranean menu, as well as the smoky charred flavour of their meats that are served up straight from the grill, The Wama’s Lounge offers diners a truly immersive Mediterranean experience.

The lounge also has its own shisha bar – a mellow space to chill out in, perhaps with tea or a cocktail.

The Wama’s Lounge’s bottomless brunch is also particularly popular and can really make a weekend.

5.) Tong Thai

Bringing the finest flavours of Thailand to the town of Kettering, Tong Thai is a family-owned restaurant that’s been catering to the needs of Kettering’s locals for over the last decade.

Offering up a truly authentic Thai experience, down to the smallest ingredients they use, their attention to detail has played a large part in ensuring the restaurant’s legacy as one of the town’s all-time favourites.

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6.) Bella Sicillia

Promising only meals made to order – essentially nothing pre-prepared – Bella Sicillia offers a lot of flexibility with their menu, allowing patrons to add or remove ingredients based on their personal taste.

As with most Italian restaurants in Kettering, you can expect all the usual Italian favourites but prepared with only the freshest ingredients and paired excellently with one of the restaurant’s diverse selection of wines.

A family friendly restaurant that’s a cut above, Bella Sicillia comes highly recommended.

7.) Mexican Fire Garden

With a name as evocative as ‘Mexican Fire Garden’, it certainly raises expectations…luckily all are met here, with their generous portion sizes, great vegan options and a menu as vibrant as their décor,

A proudly independent Mexican restaurant in Kettering with a keen focus on customer service, they’re often willing to adapt their menu to accommodate the needs of their patrons, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and cared for.

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8.) The Exotic Dining

A strong contender for the best Indian restaurant Kettering has to offer, what distinguishes The Exotic Dining from your typical Indian restaurant is the sheer attention to detail exhibited with each item on their menu.

The chef’s passion comes through in each beautifully presented dish, serving up a menu that goes beyond your standard Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken staples – customers rave about their chili cinnamon fish, for example!

A spot that is often busy but well worth a visit, The Exotic Dining is a firm favourite amongst Kettering’s locals.

9.) Kino Lounge

A child and dog-friendly bar and restaurant in Kettering with a chilled vibe, Kino Lounge is known for its brunch, burgers, and tapas as well as a whole array of traditional dishes from the likes of Mexico, India, Italy, and France.

The restaurant is also known for its extensive vegan and gluten free menu, and is celebrated for its detailed allergen filter – being transparent about all the ingredients that go into each of their dishes – providing their customers with a level of control over their dining experience rarely seen in other restaurants.

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10.) Miller & Carter

An award-winning steakhouse, having received “The Masters of Steak” award from the Craft Guild of Chefs, Miller & Carter is especially known for their mouthwatering 30 day aged British and Irish steaks, but their seafood is also incredible – their grilled sea bass fillets are particularly worth a mention. The restaurant also offers a number of delectable vegetarian options too, as well as a fantastic selection of desserts.

When paired up with one of their scintillating cocktails, eating at Miller & Carter can feel like a real event – the restaurant is well aware of this, offering up special date night and graduation day deals that offer brilliant value!

A lovely place to live, find out more about living in Kettering.