The best parks in Newcastle

Known for its great nightlife and entertainment scene, the abundance of beautiful parks in Newcastle can’t be overlooked either. 

The city boasts some truly beautiful green spaces, perfect for relaxing strolls and fun days out with friends and family. 

The following is a list of what we feel are the 10 best parks in Newcastle. 

Paddy Freeman’s Park

Perfectly laid out for leisurely pursuits, Paddy Freeman’s Park features 2 tennis courts, a bowling green, a couple of kids’ play areas, as well as a full-sized football pitch. 

Visitors can also benefit from the park’s natural features including a beautiful lake that stretches across it, which is often used by the Heaton and District Model Power Boat Club. 

There are also a number of places to just chill out and/or have some lunch too including an Urban Green Café and 2 designated picnic areas. 

Exhibition Park

A tranquil escape from the bustle of city, Exhibition Park serves as a peaceful place to play, specifically if you enjoy a fairly active lifestyle, with Exhibition Park boasting a basketball court, a number of tennis courts, croquet lawns, a skate park, an outdoor gym, and a kid’s play area. 

A space for the community to get together, Exhibition Park hosts a weekly, free-to-join park run every Saturday and is home to both an Urban Green Café and the Wylam Brewery at the Palace of Arts – a microbrewery and event space that has, in the past, hosted such events as the Battle of the Burger and Northern Pride. 

Armstrong Park

Armstrong Park features a large network of paths and an incredibly diverse ecosystem – with the park being home to a number of oak, elm, beech, ash, and sycamore trees as well as several valleys and grassland areas – lending the space a certain versatility. 

The open grassland is ideal for outdoor sports whilst the more secluded paths are perfect for dog walkers. 

Armstrong Park also features a number of impressive facilities, including several basketball courts, tennis courts and a bowling green, as well as a nod to the park’s storied history, housing both the post medieval watermill (restored in 2011) and King John’s Well.

Leazes Park

Out of all the parks in Newcastle City Centre, Leazes Park is the oldest. First opened in 1873, Leazes Park has, over the years, been restored to its former glory, with several modern features being added including a number of tennis and basketball courts, as well as a large play area for children. 

In Leazes Park, Newcastle has something of a time capsule, transporting visitors to a bygone era with the park’s original ornate gateways and boundary railings having been restored, as well as its centrepiece lake and beautiful memorial garden

Nuns Moor Park

Very much a park owned and run by the community, Nuns Moor Park is an informal space, made of beautiful paths – perfect for dog walking – and open grassland. 

Whilst not necessarily a sports-focused park like several other parks included on this list, Nuns Moor Park’s group of volunteers host a number of wholesome arts and crafts activity days for kids as well as a community orchard, where locals can gather and grow their own food including apples, pears, cherries, and hazelnuts.

Heaton Park

An idyllic setting for a relaxing afternoon out, Heaton Park is perhaps best known for its Victorian Pavilion and Terrace. 

The centrepiece of Heaton Park, the Victorian Pavilion and Terrace is home to the fantastic Sambuca Italian restaurant – known for its authentic and reasonably priced menu. 

Asides from the pavilion though, the park also features 2 play areas for the little ones – the perfect distraction for them whilst you’re waiting for your order!

The park also regularly hosts guided walks, helping you to explore the extensive array of wildlife that call Heaton Park their home. 

Brandling Park

Situated right next to the busy and popular Great North Road, yet somehow still managing to be a serene space, Brandling is one those rare parks in Newcastle that instantly transports you away from the stresses of modern life as soon as you step through those magical gates. 

Particular popular amongst office workers on their lunch breaks, the park’s beautifully maintained paths make for excellent walking and cycling routes, allowing them to enjoy a much-needed break and some fresh air.

Elswick Park

The perfect activity park, Elswick Park allows visitors to take advantage of its many tennis courts and football pitch, as well as a number of indoor facilities – including a community swimming pool and gym – where you can request swimming lessons or get involved in one of many classes. 

Elswick Park also boasts a beautifully diverse community garden and a community orchard, as well as a lovely outdoor play area for the kids. An important part of the local community, Elswick is a much-loved park in Newcastle.

The Quarry Park

A former stone quarry, hence the name, The Quarry Park is especially popular amongst young families, especially those living in and around the Haddricks Mill area – where this neighbourhood park is situated. 

Featuring a lovely little play area with swings and climbing frames, the park also has plenty of easy, flat paths to explore, perfect for pushchairs and wheelchairs. 

If you’re interested in a casual kick-about with friends, The Quarry Park also has a couple of goalposts and plenty of grassland for a fun day out! 

Walker Park

Far from a quiet, non-descript park, Walker Park is a core base for several community groups and always has something going on.

The park is home to a community centre and café owned by the YMCA, which hosts a several fun events for older members of the community including bingo, dances and even a pie and pea supper night. 

For the younger members of the community, alongside a fantastic play area, the park is also the meeting place for several cool groups including the Urban Green Newcastle Rangers – whose activities include bug safaris, kite making and bird box building – and the Walker Parks Rocks – who regularly take part in rock painting and hiding. 

Benefitting from significant investment back in the late 80s, Walker Park also boasts a skate park, 2 football pitches, space for basketball and tennis, as well as 2 bowling greens and pavilion. 

All of these incredible parks in Newcastle are a testament to the warm and welcoming communities that support them. A lovely place to live, we have various developments near Newcastle city centre with homes still available to buy.