5 of the best kitchen gadgets

There’s no doubt that we’re in the kitchen gadgets era. From air fryers to blenders, mixers to food choppers, the kitchen is now becoming people’s favourite place, due to the modernisation of traditional gadgets. We’ve curated a list of the top five kitchen gadgets that will add aesthetic value to your kitchen and make preparing meals a lot easier.

1. Air fryers

Over the last year, air fryers have become a common sight in most domestic kitchens. Ever wondered how they work? Air fryers use a fan to circulate hot air to cook food faster, without the need for oil. People nationwide are using air fryers to cook up quick, simple, and healthier meals.

Coming in many variations, air fryers tend to be basket style or toaster oven-style with several tray inserts. With the dual basket style allowing you to cook two foods at once, in sync to be ready at the same time. Their compact design makes them a perfect product to sit on kitchen workshops and additionally being more energy efficient than standard ovens. The list is endless of what you can cook in an air fryer!

2. Blenders

Blenders come in all different sizes; however, most are small but powerful appliances. Do you love a fruit smoothie in the morning? Then this kitchen gadget is for you. But that’s not all they are limited too. Blenders are great for homemade soups, sauces and mixing ingredients.

Most blenders come with a range of speed variations suited for different food types, with some even able to crush ice. Blenders really do make light work of home kitchen tasks.

3. Stand mixers

A beautiful stand mixer is a fantastic statement on any kitchen workshop. These are designed to take the stress and effort out of any baker’s life. Over the last few years, stand mixers have now become a desirable and fashionable appliance to have.

With top brands now designing mixers in every colour imaginable, to match your kitchen décor. Coming in a range of sizes from small and compact to large professional machines. If you love to bake, this is a great investment for your kitchen!

4. Manual food choppers

Having already been around for many years, the food chopper has now had an upgrade. They make chopping up food such as fruit and vegetables much easier, with a lot less mess with the contents going into a container. They are small in size, making them portable and easy to store.

Some models come with a range of blades, enabling you to customise chopping shapes and sizes including slicing and grating. Food choppers are great for all generations. They are a safe tool for kids to help out in the kitchen or for people with poor knife skills, but overall, they are fun gadget.

5. Coffee machines

This one is for all the coffee lovers. The range of coffee machines available to us is endless. From coffee pod, bean-to-cup, espresso and iced coffee makers, there’s something for everyone. Some people prefer a quick, speedy coffee while others prefer to become a barista at home.

When it comes to choosing what coffee machine is best for you, it all comes down to what coffee you drink as well as how much time you have. If your always on the go and are looking for a quick fix, the coffee pod machines are for you. However, if you are keen about your coffee and are willing to take time in your coffee making process, the more luxury bean-to-cup is a great investment.

Kitchens are the heart of most homes and where we tend to spend the majority of our time. Having useful kitchen gadgets to aid food preparation and cooking will make your life a lot easier. We hope our kitchen gadget recommendations have been helpful for you.