The best schools in Kettering

Kettering is a favourite amongst commuters thanks to its excellent transport links, the diverse selection of schools in Kettering is also a major selling point for young families. 

With a number of great secondary schools, primary schools and nursery schools in Kettering, as well as several specialist additional needs schools, to choose from, parents have a large range of options to pick from when making the move to Kettering. 
Below are some of the most well-regarded schools in Kettering.

Greenfields Primary School

Easily up there with the best primary schools in Kettering, Greenfields’ performance in recent Ofsted reports has been ‘Outstanding’. 

The school takes pride in being an ‘oasis in the community’, being an institution where every child of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome and where every success, big or small, is celebrated. 

With a focus on boosting each child’s self-esteem by taking a creative and customisable approach to their syllabuses, every child who studies at Greenfields is given the chance to learn in a way that makes sense to them and contribute (and be recognised for their contributions) to Greenfield’s happy little community.

Brambleside Primary School

Offering students a challenging curriculum, Brambleside encourages each of its students to push themselves beyond what they feel they’re capable of. 

Investing in their teaching staff and partnering up with other well respected academic institutions like the Ask Teaching Network, PiXL and the Unity Schools Partnership, has seen the school consistently outperform many of their peers in the county, most recently being awarded a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted during their 2021 evaluation. 

Hearing staff talk about the school, it is clear there’s a great sense of pride in the work that they do and the sterling performance of each of their students is testament to this. 

St Edward’s Catholic Primary School

With a style of teaching that’s underpinned by its Catholic ethos, St Edward’s aims to nurture the moral values in every child – teaching them the importance of love, forgiveness, faith, and justice. 

A core part of the community, St Edward’s students are not just academic superstars but well-rounded individuals – learning to take pride in their surroundings and, more than that, learning how to learn from each other.

Scoring a rating of ‘Good’ at its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2021, St Edward’s is widely considered one of the best primary schools in Kettering.

Hayfield Cross C of E School

Hayfield cross school aims to create a space where children can feel confident and independent.  The school’s focus on faith and community gives each child the perfect platform to learn not only how to celebrate their accomplishments, but the accomplishments of their friends too. 

There’s a sense of achieving things together, sharing knowledge and encouraging one another, and this approach has appeared to produce results. After all, the school received a rating of ‘Good’ at its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2018.

Hall Meadow Primary School

Hall Meadow is a school that is clear with their ‘expectations’. They encourage their children to show respect, be responsible and be resilient in everything they do – traits that go beyond the world of academia and set them up for life. 

Mutual respect is at the core of any thriving community and Hall Meadow is no different. In such an environment, each child feels ok embracing their uniqueness, knowing that their classmates and their teachers will respect them for who they are. At such a young age, knowing that can be absolutely vital to their healthy development. 

A much-loved school, Hall Meadow earned a ‘Good’ rating during their most recent Ofsted inspection in 2022.

The Latimer Arts College

Specialising in the arts – specifically dance, drama and music – Latimer is the preeminent performance arts school in Kettering. 

The school’s Masque Theatre is a 200-seater all-purpose performing arts centre that, beyond just putting on productions, offers students, and the wider Kettering community, dance and drama studios as well as a number of music rooms and recording facilities. 

A well-respected institution that seems to bring out the very best of their talented cast of students, Latimer, in its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2023, received a rating of ‘Good’.

Southfield School for Girls

A secondary school that was recently awarded academy status, the Southfield school for girls is one of the top performing schools in Kettering, and the rest of Northamptonshire for that matter, having been named as such in 2021.  

With everything from its impressive lecture theatre to its bespoke coffee shop, it is clear that Southfield is a school that’s really invested in itself, and its investments have paid of – scoring a rating of ‘Good’ during its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2023. 

If you’re considering a move to Kettering in the near future with your family, Southfield School for Girls is possibly one of the best schools you could send your daughter to.

Kettering Buccleuch Academy

A mixed school that caters to students aged 4-18, Kettering Buccleuch Academy is an academy that places a strong focus on the holistic development of its students – their future prospects and their moral development – rather than just their academic performance.

Part of the United Learning Trust, the Kettering Buccleuch Academy was the first of the schools in Kettering to accomplish all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks – a programme that encourages and rewards academic institutions that go above and beyond to provide their students with good career guidance. 

The school is also a holder of the SMSC gold award – a testament to the contributions their students make to the community around them. The school also earned a Silver Status Award from the Anti Bullying Alliance for their dedicated anti-bullying stance – in line with the school’s ‘best in everyone’ ethos. 

At the academy’s most recent Ofsted inspection in 2021, it scored a ‘Good’ rating.

Finding a special needs school in Kettering that’s the right fit for your child

We know that some kids can benefit from extra attention in school and there are certainly schools in Kettering that can provide this support. Regardless of whether your child is of primary school or secondary school age, there is a school in Kettering for them. 

Kingsley Special Academy

One of the best primary schools in Kettering for children requiring special support, takes a lot of pride in its place in the community, providing not only a safe space for your child to learn but a family support team to equip young families with everything they need to meet any challenges they may face. 

Rated ‘Outstanding’ during its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2023, the school occupies rarified air when it comes to academic institutions.

Isebrook School

Isebrook is a secondary school in Kettering that places a strong focus on helping children find their inner confidence so that they become a successful learner and can be a responsible citizen. 

The school provides a steady stream of encouragement at every stage of your child’s academic journey, allowing them the environment to fulfil their potential. 

A happy and exciting place to learn, Isebrook earned their ‘Good’ rating during their most recent Ofsted inspection in 2023. 

Kettering is wonderful place to raise a family, find out all about our new homes in Kettering.