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Please note: If you want to raise a snagging concern this should be logged via our ‘Report an Issue’ prior to making a formal complaint. Click here to report an issue.

This provides information on our After-Sales Service Procedure, giving you reassurance that we aim to resolve all issues within 30 days. If, after 30 days, you remain dissatisfied, you may progress with our formal complaints procedure.

If you wish to make a complaint, our robust five-stage process below will ensure your concerns are investigated and responded to in a timely manner.

Please complete the online complaint form below.

Stage 1 – Written acknowledgement

Your complaint will be acknowledged by the Regional Head of Customer Service within 5 days from the first business day after receiving your complaint (the Complaint Start Date).

Stage 2 – Path to resolution

Within 10 calendar days of the Complaint Initiation Date, we will provide a written 'Path to Resolution' which outlines how we will investigate your complaint.

Stage 3 – Assessment and response

Within 30 days of your Complaint Start Date, we will send you a Complaint Assessment and Response letter. This will contain the following information:

Details of and a separate report on each complaint. If a complaint has been settled, what action has been taken to do this.

If a complaint has not been settled, and we need more time to investigate your matter, we will provide an estimate of how long we will need to reach a decision and a brief explanation as to what further steps are needed and why.

If further investigation or correction work is needed, we will give you an update within 28 days.

If we do not accept your complaint, we will provide a clear explanation of the reasons for the decision.

Information about any dispute resolution service, offered by the warranty provider, that you can refer your complaint to if you remain not satisfied.

Stage 4 – Eight weeks

If your complaint is not closed within 56 calendar days from your Complaint Start Date, we will send you an Eight-Week letter which will include the following information:

  • A clear summary of what action has been taken to date.
  • Clear details of what is still outstanding, a reason why and the actions to be taken.
  • An idea of when the complaint will be settled.
  • How often we will give you updates, which will be at least every 28 days.

Stage 5 – Closure

We will send you a Closure letter at any stage after your Complaint Start Date if we consider your complaint is resolved. This will include a list of the items agreed in the Complaint Assessment and Response Letter and confirmation that each item has been resolved.

Still not satisfied?

We are confident that our robust complaints process will resolve your issues or concerns to the satisfaction of all concerned.

However, if you remain not satisfied, you can refer your matter to your New Home Warranty Provider’s Resolution Scheme or your consumer code provider.

The applicable consumer code for your home purchase depends on when you reserved your home;

  • If you reserved your home before 7th March 2023, the Consumer Code for Home Builders applies.
  • If you reserved your home during or after 7th March 2023, the New Homes Quality Code applies.

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