Vision, mission, and values

We have a clear vision of Avant’s future, by placing social and environmental matters at the heart of our business.

At Avant Homes our vision and mission underpin our goals, purpose, and strategy.

Our values are the traits that Avant people live by to guide our work, helping us to achieve our vision and mission.

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Our vision

Quality homes, for everyone.

Our mission

We build homes at affordable price points. Positioning our sustainable developments in the areas our customers want to live, creating communities and making the property ladder accessible for all.

Our values

Excellence in all areas

Customer-orientated: We put customers at the heart of everything we do.

Accountable: We take responsibility for our own actions.

Integrity: We are open and honest - we aim to do the right thing.

Teamwork: We recognise everyone has their part to play in making us stronger as a team.

Ambitious: We strive to make a long-term, sustainable difference, growing our business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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