The top schools in Market Harborough

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If you are looking for a new build home in Market Harborough then ensuring there are great schools for your children is a key factor. Luckily Market Harborough has several great schools located within the area, we have shortlisted some of the best schools not only for their Ofsted rating but for their ethos and learning aims for children.

Great Bowden Academy is one of the best schools within the area of Market Harborough with an Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’, the highest level which can be awarded. The school is a Church of England school that incorporates a strong Christian ethos within its curriculum. 

Farndon Fields Primary has a school motto to nurture talent, develop learning and inspire success. They have had extensive development within the school over the last few years including a new library and seven new classrooms.

Ridgeway Primary Academy believes in ‘enjoyment in learning’. The school offers breakfast clubs to support parents and is one of the best in the area.  

Little Bowden School aims to inspire creative, curious independent learners. The school also encourages musical talents with a choir and orchestra, they are also teaching mandarin which is the second most popular language spoken in the world.

Foxton Primary School is in the village of Foxton and has a special community feel to it. The school currently has around 90 students, so the teachers and students are all very familiar with each other. The PTA runs fundraisers throughout the year and works closely with the village sharing their school hall outside of term time for events. 

Those with older children and teenagers who have homes in Market Harborough will more than likely be looking for a school with great GCSE records, good pastoral care, and a variety of subjects. We have shortlisted five of the top schools within the area which also accept students from surrounding areas of Market Harborough such as Dingley, Sutton Bassett, Gartree, and East Farndon to name a few. 

Gartree High School has a sleek and modern building with beautiful playing fields behind for sports games and lessons. The school puts a lot of focus into the social and emotional learning of their pupils, the school has around 800 pupils to support. Gartree High School offers lessons in astronomy, business studies, film studies, languages, food studies, and core subjects for their students.

Manor High School is in the top 1% for progress within the country and top for attainment and progress within the Leicester and Leicestershire area. The school has a high number of students who progress into higher education, particularly within medicine and related subjects. The school prides itself on having ‘Magic of Manor’ and tries to incorporate this within its students.

Wigston College is a sixth form college that has a huge variety of subjects including accounting, dance, drama and theatre, Government Politics, sociology, and several languages to name just a few. The College holds regular events and supports the local community where possible.

The Robert Smyth Academy has beautiful grounds and large buildings named after trees. The school was rated good by Ofsted in 2017 and has put a huge amount of effort into helping students catch up from the loss of education during the pandemic. they have offered catch-up classes, worksheets, and meetings with parents to give additional support to ensure their students get the best education.

With so many high-quality and supportive primary, secondary schools and colleges within the area, this area is a fantastic place to raise children and look for a new build home in Market Harborough with your family.