Top 10 Parks In Market Harborough

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With so many beautiful parks within the area of Market Harborough, we wanted to pick some of the best to share with you. If you are looking for a new home in Market Harborough but want to be able to go and feed the ducks, enjoy water sports or visit a museum whilst at the park then we have the places for you.

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Melton Country Park

Melton Country Park is a short drive from Market Harborough but it is nestled within a busy market town which you can spend your day enjoying. It is a very popular area in Market Harborough for new homes for sale. The park has a lovely lake filled with birds, benches dotted throughout, and nature trails throughout. With free onsite parking included you can spend hours enjoying the park.

Abbey Park is a local boating lake with well-kept Japanese gardens and wonderful flowers throughout. There are also areas with the Abbey ruins which you can enjoy whilst stopping for an ice cream from the onsite cafe. Abbey Park is based close to the high street and holds an annual firework display and fair which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Market Bosworth Country Park

Market Bosworth Country Park has a wonderful lake which is around a 2-mile walk over small bridges and wooded areas. You can purchase hot drinks and snacks to keep you warm around the park, it can sometimes be a bit of a wind trap so wrap up warm. There are also quite a few water sports activities which you can enjoy, simply visit the water sports hut and book in.

Another quaint little park within the area of Market Harborough is Watermead Park. The park is popular with dog owners and walkers alike, numerous trails can be followed with the majority being fairly flat and accessible by most - check the signs for more information. The small lake is usually filled with geese, swans, and ducks which is a fun and cheap way to entertain the children and a quick way to use up your stale bread. There are also several benches dotted around the park with the option to feed the birds, just be mindful not to overfeed them.

Queens Park is more than just a park, there is a memorial Carillon Tower and a free-to-enter Charnwood museum. The flower beds are very well managed and kept extremely clean throughout the year, the children's play area is fabulous for younger children, and picnic benches allow you to enjoy the long summer days in the park.

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Wildlife and Animal Friendly Parks In Market Harborough

University of Leicester Botanic Garden and Attenborough Arboretum is a very popular place to visit if you are in the local area. The gardens are magnificent for all ages, they hold daily talks to the public, support local school and college trips as well as hold adult learning classes and workshops such as floristry workshops. Those looking for a new home in Market Harborough and the surrounding areas take into account the beautiful gardens within the local area and community feel.

For those who would like to see free-roaming deer, Bradgate Park is the place for you! There are also several wheelchair and pushchair accessible routes around the park as well as a tea room with delicious cakes and hot drinks. With 830 acres of land within the park and views across the town, you may even be able to spot your own home in Market Harborough.

There are often aspects of parks and wooded areas that may mean they are harder to access for some individuals. Knighton Park has a wonderful sensory garden aimed at their disabled visitors allowing them to enjoy the smells, feel and look of various flowers and plant life. There are also several football pitches and sports fields around the park which all have wheelchair access.

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Beacon Hill Country Park has fantastic views over Leicestershire, Charnwood Forest, and Soar Valley. Throughout the country park, you can enjoy the wildlife from beautiful birds to the resident alpacas which graze around various areas throughout the year. The Park is also home to several ponds so you may catch a glimpse of toads, beetles, or dragonflies to name a few! This is the perfect day out for nature and bug lovers alike.

Fosse Meadows Nature Area is a dog-friendly park with several trails suitable for most people. There is a small playground area perfect for younger children, a picnic area, and benches dotted throughout the park. There are also several pubs nearby to enjoy a cold beer after a long walk.