Home baking must-haves

If you’re looking to get in the kitchen and create some delicious, yummy treats, you need to make sure you have all the equipment first!

We’ve put together a list of home baking must-haves, so you’ll be all set to create your masterpieces. 

Stand mixer

You might be wondering if purchasing a stand mixer is worth it, but they are a fantastic investment and a great addition to your kitchen worktop. So what are the benefits? 

Having a stand mixer allows for hands-free baking. You can spend more time prepping the next step while the machine does all the hard work for you. Not only does this make the process faster but it also provides a smoother result when kneading, folding, and whipping your ingredients. 

Digital scales

With digital scales you can weigh out all your ingredients precisely. For a good bake, accuracy is key! 

They also make less washing up for you, as you can weigh out all your ingredients in one bowl, rather than using different measuring cups and spoons. Even better, digital scales can go back to zero after a bowl is placed on top. 

Baking tins and trays

If you’re baking something sweet, it’s more than likely that you’ll need a variety of baking tins and trays. For most cake recipes you will need an 8 inch round cake tin, this is the ideal size for traditional Victoria sponges! 

Baking trays come in all shapes and sizes to fulfil a range of different baking functions. Make sure to opt for non-stick so you can easily lift off your delicious bakes and avoid them sticking.

Silicone spatula 

Spatulas are used for scraping out the bowl so the last thing you want do is scratch it. Opting for a silicone spatula will not only protect your bakeware, but it will last. Silicone is a very soft yet durable material. It’ll be able to stand the hot temperatures of melted butter but also the extreme cold. It is also stain-resistant and incredibly flexible, meaning you won’t struggle to get the last bit of cake mixture out of the bowl. 

Cooling rack 

A cooling rack allows air to circulate freely around your baked goods, so they cool down quickly and evenly. 

If you leave your treats to cool down in their tin or tray, they will continue cooking which can lead to over-baking. 

The final cooling step to your cookie or cupcake recipe will stop any accumulating steam, so they won’t have soggy bottoms!

When choosing bakeware, it’s important to think about the types of things you will be baking as they will require different equipment.

We hope these few essentials set you up to create some fantastic baked treats in your own home!