Best Places to Live in South Lanarkshire

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We have several new houses for sale across South Lanarkshire, the 5th largest council area in Scotland. As one of the larger councils in Scotland, South Lanarkshire is made up of a diverse mix of rural and urban spaces and is as known for being a hub for multinational organisations, as it is for its diverse wildlife and thriving independent arts scene.

Considered a gem in Scotland’s crown, South Lanarkshire is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site, New Lanark, a testament to the region’s natural beauty.

If you are considering a move to South Lanarkshire, but not sure which region in this extensive council area is the right fit for you, this guide should help!

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Why Choose to Live in East Kilbride?

East Kilbride is the largest town in South Lanarkshire. It is also considered by many to be its commercial centre; being home to the largest shopping centre in all of Scotland – the EK Mall – which boasts over 180 shops and restaurants, a multi-screen cinema, an ice rink, and several gyms.

East Kilbride is situated close to the M77 and the M74, offering a direct route to the neighbouring city of Glasgow and making it a go-to residential area for workers looking for an easy commute in and out of the big city.

With direct train services to the likes of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, and Glasgow airport, East Kilbride is as well connected as any other town in Scotland.

That is not to say that East Kilbride is a concrete jungle by any means – far from it. Although East Kilbride is undoubtedly a commercial city, the town also offers visitors and residents a selection of gorgeous natural attractions such as the Langlands Moss Natural Reserve and the family-friendly Calderglen Country Park – which features a zoo, a glasshouse, an adventure park, and even a golf course.

The town is also home to a flourishing arts scene, with the popular East Kilbride arts centre frequently showcasing some of the best performers in the area.

A great place to raise a family, East Kilbride can be credited with having 2 of the best performing schools in South Lanarkshire – St Andrews High School and St Brides High School – with the town also offering primary-level education options in the forms of Crosshouse Primary School and Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School.

We currently have 3 & 4 bedroom houses for sale in East Kilbride at our Jackton Green development – there are a broad range of properties to choose from.

If you are interested in viewing one of our homes for sale in East Kilbride, or want to find out more about part exchange and our other great schemes, please feel free to get in touch.

Why Choose to Live in Blackwood?

Blackwood is one of the quieter villages in South Lanarkshire; a hilly region that enjoys stunning views of the surrounding Clyde Valley.

The area’s peaceful ambience and idyllic aesthetic has made it one of the more desirable locations in South Lanarkshire for those valuing a quieter life.

Often paired with the neighbouring Kirkmuirhill in the minds of many, although the regions are separate, it is hard to distinguish where one village begins and the other one ends. However, this means that both neighbours benefit from each other’s amenities.

Residents of Blackwood are able to take advantage of the Kirkmuirhill Community Hall – an all-purpose centre that boasts a gym, various sports facilities, a library, and a pub; the homely Kirkmuirhill Inn.

For families with younger children, it’s worth noting that Blackwood is home to 2 primary schools, these being St John’s R. C. Primary School and Blackwood Primary School.

However, slightly further afield, there is a primary school located on the outskirts of Blackwood, called Bent Primary School, which has also proven to be popular amongst locals.

A simple, quaint village with a beautiful community, Blackwood is a lovely place to call home.

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Why Choose to Live in Hamilton?

The capital of South Lanarkshire, Hamilton’s residents benefit from being just a stone’s throw away from the big city, Glasgow, whilst still being firmly lodged into South Lanarkshire’s countryside.

A pleasant town, perhaps few places exemplify the area’s natural beauty like Strathclyde Country Park – a natural reserve built around Hamilton’s beautiful loch and expansive nature trails.

To match the town’s natural beauty, Hamilton has also undergone a regeneration project in recent years. This effort has seen its shopping centres modernised and given a fresh lick of paint – breathing new life into the town’s retail sector.

South Lanarkshire’s capital is also serviced by an impressive 3 train stations, with Glasgow just being a 22-minute ride away.

Hamilton also boasts several primary schools and three comprehensive high schools and is notably the site of the prestigious University of West Scotland.

Perfect for the sports lover, Hamilton residents can also take advantage of an impressive array of sporting facilities including a racecourse, a lawn tennis club and 2 golf centres. For the thrill seeker within, the town is also home to the popular M&D theme park!

We should say that we have some beautiful houses for sale in Hamilton, this incredibly charming South Lanarkshire town.

At our Highstonehall development, there are a number of 3 & 4 bedroom homes available to buy right now. If you are interested in arranging a viewing or want to find out more about part exchange and our other great schemes, please feel free to get in touch.