When is the best time to downsize your home?

As our lives change and evolve, so do our needs for space. Whilst your family home may have been the perfect place to raise your children, host guests and separate living areas, it might now be the right time for you to downsize.

You might be wondering what the benefits are to downsizing or simply want help on when the right time to downsize is. In this blog we will cover everything from how to spot signs you should downsize, when’s a good time to downsize and what’s the best age to downsize.

Signs you should downsize

Downsizing isn’t just about square footage; it’s about aligning your living situation to your current lifestyle. Here’s some indicators that a move towards a cosier, more manageable space might be the perfect next step for you!

Home maintenance is becoming a challenge.

• Large homes can be very physically demanding when cleaning, gardening, repairing or renovating. By downsizing you will help to reduce the number and length of these tasks significantly.

Costs are beginning to stack up.

• Even after your kids have flown the nest, large homes often remain expensive to run. As well costly utility bills, taxes and insurance, you are also likely to have higher mortgage repayments. Downsizing offers you alternative with cheaper bills and even to opportunity to be mortgage-free.

Your local area doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

• You may find that your community no longer aligns with your priorities. For example, all your children have re-located, or your career has taken an unexpected turn. Think about what’s important to you now, whether that’s easy access to public transport, a vibrant social scene or closer to family. Downsizing offers the chance to move to a new area, whilst making sure it ticks all your lifestyle boxes.

Is now a good time to downsize?

There’s no single perfect time to downsize, but several life events can signal it might be a good move. If you find yourself eager for a simpler, more manageable space then now might be the ideal time to explore your options.

When you are looking to downsize, there’s nothing better than a smooth selling and buying process. That’s exactly what you can experience if you buy a new build home, with no threat of upward chains breaking and exclusive discounts, we think it’s a no brainer to move into a new home when you are looking to downsize!

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What is the best age to downsize?

Again, there’s not a correct age where you should start to downsize but people do tend to make this decision later in life, once their kids have flown the nest and are edging closer to retirement.

Downsizing isn’t just for people who are looking to retire or are already retired. It can make financial sense for anyone who is looking to save on household bills and live comfortably, without having to pay as much for mortgage repayments.

Effective downsizing and decluttering

If you’ve already decided that downsizing is the right move for you, you need to know where to start. See below for a few tips on the best practices before you downsize.

Declutter before you move.

• One of the best tips is to start organising and decluttering your home before you move. Not only can this free up space in your current home to make it look attractive to potential buyers, but it will help to make sure your new home doesn’t become cluttered with items you don’t need too.

Don’t dispose of all your unused items.

• Many of your possessions that you own but rarely used could be worth a lot to someone else. Don’t just throw away all your old items, make sure you add to a donation pile or pass to family/friends who could make use of them.

Measure up your new home.

• Use the measurements of your new home to make decisions on the furniture you need, whether that’s keeping what you’ve got or buying new.

How Avant can help?

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