How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

Turn your new home’s garden into a nature haven and help boost wildlife populations in your local area.

With natural habitats shrinking in the UK, our gardens are becoming important for British wildlife. There’s plenty you can do to help whether your garden is big or small. 

Here’s five top tips to help make your garden wildlife-friendly. 

Build a bug hotel

Why not make your garden a home for local wildlife by creating a bug hotel. Gather together pieces of wood, bark, bricks, pine cones, or any natural materials you have to create a hideaway for creatures. 

Hang your hotel against a tree trunk or pop in a quiet corner and fill with fruits and natural filler to create a comfortable habitat. 

Create a log pile 

Stack spare logs and twigs to create a cosy wildlife corner, to provide shelter and hibernation sites for insects and mammals.

If you have any unstained/unpainted wood lying around this would be suitable but natural logs are best, placed in a shady spot. 

Hang bird feeders

Purchase some weather-proof bird feeders and fill them with a variety of bird food. Helping attract all kinds of birds to your garden. 

Feeders can be a lifeline for birds during the colder months when natural food sources are scarce, so provide high energy foods with more fat for your feathered friends. 

Grow wildlife-friendly plants

When choosing plants for your garden, make sure to choose native species that can provide food and shelter for wildlife. 

Get your garden buzzing by planting pollinator-friendly flowers such as marigolds and geraniums, as we'd be lost without the humble bumble bees.

Birds and small mammals will enjoy the nourishment from fruit trees, leaves, and berry bushes, as well as foraging in the undergrowth for insects.

Add a water source

Ponds and bird baths are a haven for all kinds of wildlife and provide a source of drinking water too. 

If you have the room, ponds are fantastic for frogs and dragonflies to lay their eggs. Giving your pond a little ledge will allow access for wildlife to get in and out easily. 

Make sure to keep your water source clean and topped up regularly to remain as fresh as possible, especially during the summer. 

It can be tempting to keep your garden pristine and tidy, but wildlife prefer a space that’s a little rough around the edges, without it looking messy. 

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