How to pet proof your furniture

If you share your home with your much-loved pet, you might already know that it’s not easy to keep them away from your furniture. It’s soft, comfortable, and often, it’s a way to get close to you.

Even though you might already have some home rules in place with your pet, we all feel the need to protect our furniture the best way we can. 

Here a few tips on how you can pet-proof your furniture, as furniture can be one of the biggest investments in your home. 

Use covers

If you’re looking for a low effort way to protect your sofa, armchair and upholstery, there are a few modern ways to help. Choose stylish blankets or throws which are easily washable but also compliment your furniture. 

Aim to cover up your pet’s favourite spot, to keep your furniture free of fur and safeguard the material from stains and odours. 

If you’re looking for full furniture protection, why not opt for a slipcover. These come in a range of different colours and patterns, can be made to measure or you can even have a go at making your own from your favourite fabric. 

Pet friendly materials 

When choosing your furniture, it’s important to keep in mind which fabrics are best when you own pets. 

Leather is a great choice for pet owners! It is extremely easy to clean, the wipeable fabric is ideal for accidents and muddy paws. Leather is also odour resistant and doesn’t attract hair. But make sure to keep your pets nails well-trimmed to avoid unwanted scratches. 

Microfibre is also a pet owner favourite, due to its durability. It is also difficult to stain, repels water and doesn’t hold pet odours.

Avoid wood elements

For puppies especially, wood can be irresistible. To avoid the frustration of coming home to chewed table legs or chair arms, there are products to help repel your dog from chewing, such as a bitter apple spray. Not only does chewing wood destroy your precious furniture, but it’s also hazardous for your pet.

Toys and scratching posts

If you’re trying to deter your pet’s attention away from damaging your furniture, make sure to provide them with an alternative like a chew toy, catnip toy or scratching post. 

Not only will this help redirect their attention, but it will help them to relax in the home. With a wide variety of pet toys available, it’s important to observe your pet’s behaviour to select the perfect toy for them. 

Invest in a pet bed 

If your pet loves to snuggle up on the sofa, try replacing their favourite spot with a fluffy, cosy pet bed. Teach them to use it instead of jumping up onto your soft furnishings by create distance from your furniture and their bed. Making sure to position it in the right spot in your home based on their behaviour. Some may like it located next to the warm radiator or on a cool kitchen floor. 

Pet beds are much more manageable for cleaning, as many are machine washable, and they control pet hair dispersal around your home. 

Even if you don’t have a pet, cleaning your furniture regularly will help keep it in pristine condition. When you have a pet, it only makes this more essential.

We hope this blog has given you some useful tips to help pet-proof the furniture in your home.