Report An Issue

We hope that you’ll enjoy every aspect of living in your new home and it will be handed over with no problems. Your home has been constructed by a number of different trades in accordance with relevant Building Control requirements. But faults can happen and sometimes there might be a minor issue that only becomes apparent once the home is occupied.

If you do need to report an issue about any aspect of your new home we have a comprehensive after-sales care service that is here to help.

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Avant Homes Homeowner Warranty

If you experience an issue with your new home, you are covered by our warranty provision. This includes a two-year warranty with Avant Homes from the date of completion, followed by a further eight years of structural defects insurance cover provided by your warrant provider.

Learn more about your warranty here.

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Snagging / Snag list

A snag is something small or a minor defect that you notice after completion. Avant Homes is responsible for addressing snags for the first 24 months of your home. When an issue is logged, we will arrange for a repair, or in the event it is a more complex issue, arrange an inspection of the problem in order to confirm the appropriate next steps.

We expect to resolve most snags within 30 days of them being reported. Where this is not possible due to materials shortage or labour availability, we will keep you updated and confirm the anticipated date for the repair as soon as we can.

Out of hours support

Call 01207 503 293

Plumbing & drainage – risk of flooding, water ingress, or leaving your home without a flushable toilet
Electricity supply – breakdown of electricity supply to your property only
Primary heating system – a total breakdown of your heating and hot water system
Security – damage or fault to external doors, locks, and windows that render your home insecure

For gas leaks or emergencies, please call 0800 111 999

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Homeowner Maintenance Guide

Some elements of your new home require regular maintenance. These are not snags and are part of routine homeowner maintenance. This includes areas such as annual servicing of your central heating boiler, protecting any garden fencing, or painting external timber or render.

Read all about general homeowner maintenance and the "running in" of your new home such as annual servicing, shrinkage, appliances, and heating here.

If you remain dissatisfied, you may progress with our formal complaint procedure. If you wish to make a complaint, our robust five-stage process will ensure your concerns are investigated and responded to in a timely manner. You can learn more here.