Top 10 Restaurants in East Kilbride

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The variety of restaurants in East Kilbride is very much reflective of its status as Scotland’s first new Town – areas developed to accommodate people in need of relocation post-World War 2.

As a recent development, East Kilbride has benefited from significant investment from the UK government in an effort to build its cultural identity - a big part of this being its hospitality sector.

As a developer of new homes, East Kilbride appealed heavily to our inner foodie.

If you’re also passionate about great food, here are 10 of our favourite restaurants in East Kilbride that will be right on your doorstep if you decide to make the move!

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Tinto Tapas

This authentic Spanish Tapas bar is great if you are looking for somewhere for a big group – especially if you struggle to find one dish that you all like.

Tinto Tapas has a great range of dishes to choose from and has excellent vegan and gluten-free options too so there should be something for everyone at your party regardless of their dietary requirements.

The also offer great deals including their popular Tuesday promotion where each dish is just £2.50.

Definitely one for catching up with friends.

The Torrance Hotel

The Torrance Hotel is something of a historical landmark in East Kilbride as the building pre-dates the town itself.

Being originally developed in 1773 as a cotton-spinning mill, the Torrance Hotel has become a cornerstone of the city and is one of its most popular tourist attractions due to its novelty and historical significance.

More than just hotel, it’s the perfect venue for a dinner party or wedding thanks to how the location combines the relaxed ambience of a beer garden with the glamour of an open and airy fine dining area situated in the hotel’s conservatory.

A place to book rather than just drop in, consider celebrating your next big milestone here.

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Oiishi encapsulates all the best bits of Japanese cuisine. It is the sort of place that sells the merits of Japanese food to those who have never given it a shot and provides people who know their Japanese food with a satisfyingly authentic experience.

Using only the freshest ingredients and demonstrating amazing attention to detail when presenting their dishes, Oiishi carries itself as a proud ambassador for Japan and you can tell that it is a passion project for the owner just by looking around the beautiful spot and taking in the carefully crafted ambience.

A great place for a date night.

Crooked Lum

The Crooked Lum is one of the more popular pubs in East Kilbride with its casual, relaxed ambience about it.

Known as much for their tasty mixed grill as they are for their family friendly atmosphere, the Crooked Lum takes pride in getting even the most difficult of eaters to enjoy their vegetables as much as their fish and chips.

In fact, the Crooked Lum boasts on their website that each of their kid’s main meals provide children with 2 of their 5 a day.

The Crooked Lum also offers a 2 or 3 course set menu, providing great value for your money and they have function rooms which can be booked out for special events such as Christmas dinners (ask about their seasonal Christmas menu).

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Wee Gurkha Curry House

One of the most impressive Nepalese and Indian restaurants East Kilbride has to offer, the owners of the Wee Gurkha Curry House are intensely dedicated to recreating the exact feel of Nepal, they will not accept pale imitations.

Winners of the Lux Life Magazine Food & Drink Awards and Best Asian Fusion Dining Experience Glasgow in 2018, they declare on their website their commitment to ensuring that everyone has a chance to “taste Nepal”.

Indeed, you can ask any of their well-trained staff about any of the dishes on offer and they will happily take the time to walk you through the origins of the dish and may even suggest the perfect accompaniment.

It’s also an ideal restaurant if you are looking for a healthier option to your usual curry as Wee Gurkha Curry House keeps their use of fat to a minimum and sticks to only natural herbs to provide each of their dishes with subtle, authentic flavours.

Loupin Stane

A small and cute village-y café, Loupin Stane provides its customers with freshly baked goods and comforting homemade soups on a daily basis. They also offer an all-day Scottish breakfast if you fancy one.

Simple and wholesome, Loupin Stane is a cosy little café that you could easily spend your whole afternoon in.

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The Hungry Horse

Beyond just serving up delicious pub food, the Hungry Horse has a real community vibe about it.

They’re one of the most popular pubs in East Kilbride amongst football fans (they’re subscribed to both Sky Sports and BT Sports) and they promote a weekly pub quiz.

They encourage customers to come hungry and this is reflected in both their super generous portions and their free breakfast program for kids between 8am and 12pm.

You will be well taken care of at the Hungry Horse!


Arigo is an Italian restaurant that does not mess about. You will not find any dish that is generic here.

Swapping out Spaghetti Bolognese for premium traditional cuisine, Arigo strives for authenticity, ensuring that they get even the smallest of things right to recreate the genuine Italian experience.

The cosy ambience they have managed to create in their restaurant certainly does not hurt either.

Offering a 3-course set menu for only £22 (including a glass of prosecco and a canape upon arrival), Arigo provides their customers with a 5-star dining experience without breaking the bank.

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Zucca Bistro

Providing tasty authentic dishes at a reasonable price, Zucca Bistro is perhaps one of the only restaurants in East Kilbride, possibly the world, to attempt the groundbreaking, reality shattering combination of a half pasta, half pizza dish.

But it works so well!

Zucca Bistro is worth visiting for that dish alone to be honest.


Renowned for their range of sweet and savoury crepes, Cova is one of our favourite places to go to for brunch in East Kilbride.

Offering customers the opportunity to build their own breakfast, it is the perfect place for even the pickiest of eaters!

They also offer light lunch options too such as their popular homemade soup of the day or their Goat Cheese salad.

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When looking for new homes, East Kilbride, with its bevy of incredible restaurants, is worth looking into.