Energy Efficiency

Save £2,195* per year by buying an energy efficient Avant home!

A new home is extremely energy efficient, so much so that the Home Builders Federation have found that new build homeowners save on average £2,195* per year on their energy bills compared to owners of older second-hand homes. That’s the cost of a four-star family holiday for a family of five!

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Our new homes are jam-packed with energy efficient features to help you save money on your bills, from zoned heating and high-spec windows, to brand new boilers, energy efficient lightbulbs and well-insulated lofts. Plus, a selection of our homes are air-pressure tested to ensure they are air-tight, keeping them cosy and warm.

Ultimately, new build homes use far less energy than older houses; HBF research shows that 85%* of new build homes had an A or B Energy Performance Certificate rating, whilst less than 5%* of existing homes reached the same standard.

Protect your wallet and the planet

Old homes in the UK are some of the worst insulated in Europe**. But here’s the good news, the average new build emits an annual 2.2* tonnes of carbon less than older houses, meaning by buying new, you’re protecting the planet.

Human activities have raised the atmosphere's carbon dioxide content by 50%*** in less than 200 years, so it’s time to do our bit!

To build our homes we source eco-friendly materials and employ local labour, all adding to our sustainability credentials.

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Keep it cosy

Thanks to our homes being so well insulated, you’ll notice that they are naturally significantly warmer than your average older house! Plus, our high-quality windows suck the sunlight in, keeping your home bright and airy and warm. This means in an Avant home, you’re less likely to need your heating on as often, as you’ll be toasty and warm because you chose to buy new!

Appliance alliance

We always fit energy efficient appliances in our homes and work with suppliers who put sustainability at the forefront of their product development. From washing machines to fridges, cleaning to cooking, our white goods incorporate the latest energy saving technology.

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A bucket full of savings

It’s not only energy you’ll save on! With a new Avant home, your water bill is likely to be reduced considerably. Our new homes are built to ensure the water consumption of the home is lower than a second-hand home, with us installing water-saving taps and eco-friendly toilet systems.

If you want to save money on bills (doesn’t everyone?!), then there’s never been a better time to buy new! In an Avant home you’ll have peace of mind that your monthly bills will most definitely be lower than they would be in an older home.

What are you waiting for? Find your ideal energy efficient home today.

*HBF Watt a Save report May 2024
** Institute for Government, Tackling the UK’s energy efficiency problem report September 2022
*** NASA Global Climate Change Report January 2023

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