The top 10 schools in Walsall

Walsall is home to a brilliant selection of schools, from primary to secondary, as well as special educational needs schools.

Below is a list of 10 of the top Walsall schools:

Queen Mary's Grammar School

Queen Mary's Grammar School stands tall as a pillar of secondary education in Walsall.


Founded in 1554 by Mary Tudor herself, and esteemed for its unwavering pursuit of excellence, this distinguished grammar school is exclusively for boys, and has consistently been a strong performer, recently receiving a coveted "Outstanding" rating from Ofsted.

Walsall Academy

With a thriving Sixth Form offering diverse academic and work-related courses, including technical T Levels from 2022, Walsall Academy prioritises arts and sport, providing students opportunities for expression and success.

Guided by the belief that higher expectations yield greater achievements, the academy's ethos centres on educating students to create happy, employable individuals prepared for life's challenges.

Joseph Leckie Academy

Joseph Leckie Academy is one of the leading secondary schools in Walsall. 

The academy focuses on not only academic achievement but also creativity, critical thinking, and community engagement – resulting in well-rounded students – netted it a ‘good’ rating at its most recent Ofsted inspection.

The academy aims to break down any barriers to learning, to encourage their students to feel confident in themselves and ensure they become lifelong learners.

Blue Coat Church of England Academy

Blue Coat Academy’s values – firmly rooted in its Christian values – embrace students from diverse backgrounds and faiths. This diversity enriches learning opportunities across the board.

More than just an academic institution, the school is also dedicated to each student’s spiritual and moral wellness and development. Its efforts were recognised with a ‘Good’ rating at its most recent Ofsted inspection.

St. Thomas More Catholic School

Welcoming children of all faiths and denominations, St Thomas More Catholic school enjoys a diverse, multicultural community while remaining Catholic in its approach. Emphasising participation in celebrations of God's work, St. Thomas More Catholic School seeks to equip the next generation with outstanding academic and vocational qualifications, coupled with values grounded in respect, endeavour, and joyfulness.

The school fosters an environment where every child is known, loved, and encouraged to develop into a caring, confident individual ready to positively impact the world. Recognised with a "Good" rating by Ofsted, St. Thomas More Catholic School remains dedicated to providing a faith-based education that transcends academic success.

Millfield Primary School

Moving on to primary schools in Walsall, let’s showcase Millfield Primary School.

The school offers an invigorating and extensive curriculum, with its many outdoor facilities including a canal for kayaking and canoeing lessons. 

Swimming lessons and opportunities to learn musical instruments are also offered, providing students with a truly diverse educational experience.

Recently awarded a "Good" rating by Ofsted, Millfield Primary School stands as a testament to excellence in laying the foundation for a fulfilling educational journey.

Brownhills West Primary School

Brownhills West’s mission centres around nurturing, inspiring, and educating in a happy, safe, and supportive learning environment.

Collaborating closely with families and the local community, the school aims to elevate aspirations, promoting an environment where every child can be their best.

Placing emotional well-being, rounded education, and the pursuit of excellence at the forefront, Brownhills West prioritises the holistic development of each child.

Old Park Primary

A school steadfast in fostering self-belief, students are guided, with the support of teachers and adults, to dream big and hold themselves to the highest standards.

The schools’ values are reinforced by their sweet little ‘Values Mascot’ – Monty – who was introduced in 2019 as a fun way to engage students in the school’s ethos. 

Participating in school assemblies and becoming a weekly 'class member' for the class demonstrating the best school values, Monty embodies the light-hearted spirit of Old Park Primary School.

Old Park Primary School proudly holds an “Outstanding” rating from Ofsted, proving its unwavering commitment to providing a well-rounded education and nurturing a positive school community.

King’s Hill Primary School

King’s Hill offers a diverse and exciting curriculum that extends beyond English and mathematics.

The school’s teaching quality is regularly monitored, with opportunities for improvement always capitalised on. 

A firm part of the local community, the school regularly affords its students the chance to take part in off-site educational visits – complementing the school’s thorough curriculum and, very much British ethos of mutual respect, tolerance and the importance of democracy, with everyone having a voice. 

A vibrant environment in which to learn, King’s Hill success nurturing independent and confident learners has seen the school earn an “Outstanding” rating from Ofsted. 

Castle School

Castle School is a thriving 5–18 school devoted to students with Education, Health, and Care Plans (EHCP). Specifically designed for pupils with moderate learning difficulties, the school warmly accommodates those with additional needs such as autism, speech and language difficulties, and behavioural challenges.

At Castle School, students benefit from small classes with dedicated teaching assistants, all following the Team Teach behaviour management system.

One of the very first schools in Walsall, Castle School houses a number of specialised facilities for visual and practical instruction.

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