Date ideas in Derby

If you’re looking for ways to spend a date night in the city, fear not. Derby is a historical city full of culture, and there’s no shortage of activities for you and your partner to enjoy. Here are our top 10 date ideas in Derby to give you both a night to remember. 

1. Challenge your partner to bowling

Are you and your date competitive types? Treat them to a trip to the Derbion shopping centre to challenge them to bowling at Hollywood Bowl. Try to beat your partner with strikes or step back and let them win - just don’t admit you did! Once you’ve finished, the Derbion shopping centre is a great location to walk around, browse, shop and grab a bite to eat afterwards. 

2. Escape a room together

If you’re into puzzle solving and mysteries, Make Your Escape is another of many great date ideas in Derby. Work together to solve problems, crack codes and open the door in one of four unique escape rooms, including mystery, horror and fantasy themes. There’s no better way to learn about each other than getting locked in a room for an hour - especially when you rely on your partner to escape. 

3. Go on a subterranean adventure

Adventurous partners can make their date as memorable as possible at Heights of Abraham, a hilltop estate offering caving, cable cars and on-site restaurants. Take your partner on a subterranean adventure in the Great Rutland or Great Massern caverns and treat them to a guided tour of the 350-million-year-old rock formations. For a well-rounded date, you can also take the cable cars to enjoy a view of the Heights from the sky. 

4. Spend a night glamping in Derbyshire

If you want an overnight adventure, treating your date to a night in a glamping pod could be the perfect way to spoil them. A micro holiday has the potential to make it as memorable as possible, thanks to the luxury of a glamping pod and the novelty of spending a night out in the countryside in each other’s company. Just make sure that your partner enjoys camping before you book a pod at Mulino Pods

5. Take roller skating lessons

Rollerworld Derby offers group skating lessons to help you and your partner learn how to balance on wheels, but if you already know how, you can join in on a free skating session or even a salsa dance to show off your skills in the rink. Compete or dance with each other and finish up the evening with a sit down at a nearby cafe. 

6. Compete at axe throwing

Surprise your partner with a unique evening at Hatchet Harry’s Axe Throwing, where you can compete to hit a bullseye by, you guessed it, throwing axes. This is the perfect idea if you want your date to stand out to your partner, whether it’s your first time out together or you’re on your fiftieth date. Make memories by proving your skill or by wildly missing the target and laughing about it together. 

7. Explore an art gallery

If you prefer quieter dates, the Derby Museum and Art Gallery is a great option for a relaxing day with your partner. Explore a huge collection of Joseph Wright paintings or study Derbyshire’s archaeological history across several galleries. You can also sit down together and have a cup of coffee at the cafe, giving you time to talk about the exhibits and get to know each other a little more. 

8. Take a dance class

At Deda Derby Dance, you and your partner can learn a whole new style of dance to show off at parties together. Book a class for flamenco, ballet, theatre or even street dance styles! This is a great way to bond with your partner while you learn a new skill together. 

9. Visit Derby Cathedral

If high-energy activities aren’t for you, you can see the sights of Derby without the added pressure of event timings and bookings. Derby Cathedral is a gothic-neoclassical building dating back to 1725, although the original church was built as early as 943. Enjoy a stroll around the area or explore inside the building and enjoy the elegant Cathedral design together. 

Whichever date idea you choose in Derby, we hope that your time together goes well! Check out our website to find out more about our new homes in Derby.