Why new build homes have better insulation and soundproofing

New build homes are appealing for buyers in lots of different ways! With a multitude of home buying schemes, low maintenance costs, the latest home technology, new safety features and long-term guarantees, a new build can save you time and money. 

But one of the biggest advantages of owning a new build is the insulation and soundproofing. 

Find out why new builds have better insulation and soundproofing abilities in our blog below.

What is home insulation?

Everyone wants to have a home that is well insulated and as energy efficient as possible. This translates into a comfortable living environment all year round, with consistent temperatures and lower energy bills. New builds follow strict building regulations and advancements in construction materials mean that they boast superior insulation compared to older properties.

New build home features

From zoned heating and high-spec windows, to brand new boilers, energy efficient lightbulbs and well-insulated lofts, new homes offer some of the best technology and materials around to ensure you are saving as much money as possible on your energy bills

Cavity wall problems

Cavity walls are a common construction method in older homes due to their damp controlling properties and cost effectiveness. 

However, the cavity, a gap between the inner and outer brick walls acts as a thermal bridge allowing heat to escape in the winter and hot air to enter in the summer. Whereas new builds have properly insulated cavity walls that allow for optimal energy efficiency.


New build homes offer a significant soundproofing advantage to make your home a peaceful living environment. Sound insulating materials are crucial in helping to deter sound, along with new building regulations and advanced building techniques.

Triple glazing

Window insulation is one of the most important factors in making new builds more insulated and soundproof. Our high-spec, triple glazed windows keep heat in during winter and prevent hot air from coming in, whilst significantly reducing noise pollution from the outside too. This translates to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment year-round.

Buying a new build home has many benefits, with insulation and soundproofing one of the top reasons.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and money saving home. Look no further than one of our newly built homes, with developments all over the UK.