How to save water at home

Being more eco-conscious in our everyday lives is important for the wellbeing of our planet and its resources. Plus, many of us may not realise that our water use at home contributes to our bills and our carbon emissions. The average person uses 145 litres of water per day, but with some easy swaps you can reduce that cost.

By choosing an Avant home, you are already on your way to saving water! All Avant homes have been constructed in a way which should help reduce your water output and your bills! We install water saving sanitaryware such as low-flow taps, which give the feel and impression of a full water flow, but the volume of water is controlled to reduce wastage. We also install eco-friendly toilets which use less gallons of water per flush than toilets installed in older homes.

In addition, all our house type designs have undergone water efficiency calculations, achieving 94 – 99 litres per person per day (lpppd), which is significantly below industry requirements. 

Switch to showers

Showers are more efficient than baths, using significantly less water. Showers typically use 25 gallons of water, whereas a bath uses 70 gallons to fill up a tub. A shower stays at a consistent temperature giving you a quicker, fresher wash. The average shower takes 5 -8 minutes, whereas a long soak in the bath where you keep topping up the water is relaxing but takes time and a lot more water! 

To save even more water, Yorkshire Water recommend keeping your showers to just four minutes and have even created a four minute song playlist to help your singing in the shower!

Fill your washers to the top!

When washing your pots, or clothes, try to fill your dishwasher and washing machine to their maximum to not waste excess water. 

If your washing machine has an eco-setting, please use this! Eco-settings are more environmentally friendly by washing at lower temperature but with increased drum movement to ensure laundry is cleaned thoroughly. 

Dishwashers by nature save water vs handwashing pots. A full load will ensure that your device is used to its optimum. Many dishwashers also have an eco-setting, which lowers the temperature and volume of water in turn using less energy. 

All Avant homes are fitted with the latest, modern, energy efficient appliances, and we only work with suppliers who are committed to sustainability.  

Turn off the tap

Running the tap constantly while brushing your teeth can waste up to six litres of water per minute. To help save water at home, make sure you turn off the tap while brushing and only dampen your toothbrush when need be.

Only boil what you need

Most of our water usage is in the kitchen and bathroom. So, when making a brew only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need. Most kettles have indicators which show how much water you need per cup.

Use a watering can instead of a hose

We’ve not forgotten saving water in the garden! Using a watering can instead of a hose can help you save volumes of wasted water when watering plants. 
To be even more efficient, consider investing in a water butt to catch the usual rainwater we experience in England and Scotland!

We hope our simple top tips to help you save water at home will help reduce your bills and protect the planet!

For more information on our sustainability pledge click here.