The ultimate guide to hosting a housewarming party

Moving into a new home is a significant milestone worth celebrating. It's an opportunity to showcase your space, share your excitement, and create cherished memories with friends and family. However, the best parties don’t just wing it and instead are the result of thoughtful planning and organisation to ensure a successful and enjoyable event for everyone involved. Here's your ultimate guide to throwing an unforgettable housewarming bash!

1. Invitations: set the tone and spread the word

The first step in hosting a stellar housewarming party is sending out invitations. Decide on the method that suits your style: creating a Facebook event with a witty title, sending a casual group text, or going retro with official paper invites. Consider your guest list carefully and the atmosphere you want to create; Are you brave enough to have a mix of friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues and let everyone get to know each other better? 

Don't forget essential details like clear directions and parking instructions, especially as new build estates are not as easily accessible via GPS.

2. Presentation: show off your new digs

Ensuring your home is spick and span is a fundamental aspect of preparing for a spectacular housewarming. A tidy house not only makes a great first impression but also sets the tone for an enjoyable event. Imagine your guests walking into a meticulously arranged space—there's an undeniable charm in that! Of course, the process of settling into a new home often entails a few lingering boxes here and there—a testament to the ongoing transition. However, the key is to strike a balance where these boxes don't overpower the overall ambiance.

While your pets might hold a special place in your heart, not all guests may share the same level of enthusiasm for them. To ensure everyone feels comfortable and at ease during your housewarming or any sizable event, it's a thoughtful gesture to designate a separate area within your home for your pets. Equip this space with all the essentials—ample food, water, and plenty of toys to keep your furry pals content while the celebration unfolds elsewhere in the house. 

3. Music & Entertainment: set the mood

Creating the perfect ambiance for your housewarming is as simple as curating a killer playlist. By preparing in advance and letting it flow seamlessly during your event, you'll save precious time and sidestep any playlist-related squabbles. Platforms like Apple Music or Spotify offer 1000s of ready-made playlists to suit every taste. Plus, consider upgrading to a premium membership to keep the music uninterrupted by pesky ads.

But hold on! Before hitting play, double check the vibe you want to give at your housewarming. While your love for trance music or heavy metal might be unmatched, it might not vibe well with all your guests in this new setting. Tailor the tunes to match the occasion—whether it's a wild house party or a laid-back afternoon affair with delightful snacks.

If your gathering leans more towards intimate conversations rather than wild revelry, think about adding a board game or two into the mix. And if you're in need of fresh game ideas beyond the classic Cards Against Humanity, head over to our blog for some fantastic alternatives that'll spice up your housewarming!

4. Refreshments: delight your guests' taste buds

Ensuring your guests are in the know about what you’re putting on is key to a successful housewarming bash. Whether it's a BYOB affair or a fully stocked bar, clarity is king. For those providing beverages, think beyond the basics. Consider concocting specialty housewarming themed cocktails for a touch of elegance or keep it breezy with an assortment of beers and ciders to cater to varied tastes.

Now, onto the food— Be mindful of dietary preferences and allergies, covering bases for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free options. Opt for dishes that can be easily replenished or prepared in manageable batches. This way, you dodge the hassle of excessive leftovers and wasted effort.

Let's talk tableware. Swap out disposable plates and glasses for the real deal. Trust your guests with proper glassware and crockery or invest in reusable plastic alternatives that you can whip out for future shindigs. It's an eco-friendly move that adds a touch of sophistication to your gathering.

5. Have fun: embrace the celebration

Lastly, remember to have fun! Hosting can feel overwhelming, but don't stress over minor imperfections. Your guests are there to celebrate with you and share in your joy. Embrace the moment, appreciate your accomplishment, and cherish the time spent with loved ones.

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