The best parks in Kettering

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In the heart of Northamptonshire lies the town of Kettering, a place where modernity and nature coalesce, offering residents and visitors an array of recreational and leisure opportunities. 

Among the town's many attractions, it is the parks in Kettering that really stand out as symbols of Kettering’s warm sense of community and the town’s environmentally conscious mindset. 

Discover some of the prettiest parks in Kettering below.  

Rockingham Road Pleasure Park

Positioned centrally, Pleasure Park is not only a place to relax and unwind but also a site of many of Kettering’s community gatherings, cultural events, and civic activities – its iconic bandstand being a source of pride for the whole community.

Boasting a modern well-equipped children's playground and wide-open fields that are perfect for picnics, kite flying, and ball games, as well an impressive selection of sporting facilities, such as its excellent tennis courts, Pleasure Park is one for all the family!

Wicksteed Park

Seamlessly integrating amusement rides with a serene nature reserve, Wicksteed Park is one of the more unique parks in Kettering.

The park’s lush landscape, dotted with mature trees, serene lakes, and manicured gardens, gives way to a whole host of amusement attractions ranging from traditional carousels to thrilling roller coasters. 

Additionally, visitors can engage in paddle boating, explore adventure playgrounds, or take a leisurely ride on the narrow-gauge railway that meanders through the park.

Boughton House Gardens

In terms of free things to do in Kettering, it doesn’t get much better than visiting the grandiose Borughton House Gardens.  

Adjacent to the iconic Boughton House, the gardens serve as an extension of the the building’s spectacular architecture, each trail bordered by meticulously manicured hedges.  

The gardens have been shaped by all manner of notable landscape architects and gardeners over the centuries, each contributing to its unique character. The expansive grounds showcase an array of styles, from the formal symmetry of French-inspired parterres to the romanticism of English landscape gardens.

Offering guided tours, each session delves into the history, design principles, and botanical significance of the gardens, enriching each visitor’s experience.

Kettering Recreation Ground Park

Located strategically within the town's parameters, lies an expansive stretch of green that has become synonymous with relaxation, recreation, and community bonding: the Kettering Recreation Ground Park.

The Recreation Ground is a diverse patchwork of landscapes, from flat grassy areas perfect for picnics and games to gentle hillocks that offer a vantage view of the surroundings. For those with an athletic inclination, the ground boasts a range of facilities, from well-maintained tennis courts to basketball areas and open spaces suitable for football or cricket.

For those keen on a peaceful walk or a brisk jog, the park features well-defined paths. These trails, surrounded by lush greenery and periodic benches, offer a therapeutic space for exercise and introspection.
Ensuring that visitors have a seamless experience, the ground is replete with amenities. From clean restrooms to kiosks offering refreshments and ample seating areas, comfort is a priority.

Kettering town full of wonderful green spaces, if you’d like to find out more about our new homes in Kettering, get in touch with our team today!