The top 9 parks in Chester-le-Street

Chester-le-Street is a small town located in County Durham and is known for its many parks and gardens. The parks offer a great place to relax and enjoy nature, as well as the opportunity to explore history with nearby monuments and sculptures. 

We have put together a list of some of the best parks in Chester-le-Street:

Riverside Park 

Riverside Park was created in 1930 and in recent years it has been redeveloped;, it now includes a play area with a splash pad, artist designed gardens, a cafe and more. 

Riverside Park has a lot to offer – you can walk along the river or around the stunning gardens which are all inspired by a different planet. There are also plenty of benches or open grass areas to stop for a picnic with friends and family. 

Additionally in the centre of the park you will find the Bowling Club, which happily welcomes new members. Throughout the summer the greens are open to the public.

Lumley Park 

Lumley Park is the largest public open space in Chester-Le-Street with over 20 hectares of land including playing fields and formal gardens. To the east side of the park is the Lumley Castle which is from the 18th century and is now a hotel. 

Many people thoroughly enjoy walking through Lumley Park. It is known for its tranquil and therapeutic feel, it is a great place for family or dog walks. 

Waldridge Fell

Waldridge Fell Country Park spreads across 115 hectares and contains some stunning heather, bilberry, and moorland grasses, with the heather turning the landscape a beautiful purple colour when it is in flower during the summer. 

Waldridge Fell is a location of high scientific interest due to the large area of lowland heath, which has become very rare across the globe. It is also the habitat for many interesting insects and plants. It is an area of land that is important for conservation and is therefore managed very carefully. 

It truly is an incredible place to explore, but with areas of land, plans and wildlife which are rare and fragile, it is important to protect it and keep to the designated footpaths.

Elba Park 

Elba Park has 53 hectares of public green space which is quickly becoming popular both with people visiting and with wildlife looking for a habitat. When exploring the park, you can find original pieces of art commemorating the area’s industrial and mining heritage. 

The park has only been open to the community for five years; however, there are now several benches, picnic tables and footpaths to enjoy, making it the perfect spot to explore nature with friends, family and pets. 

Kepier Wood

Kepier Wood is a stunning woodland with thousands of years of history. When walking through the forest you will be traversing the sites of ancient quarries. You can enjoy stunning views whilst walking along the river, which is particularly loved by dogs. 

Depending on the route you walk, you may be able to spot the remaining supports of old rope bridge, which is believed to have been used by miners to cross the river.

The Princess Anne Park

The Princess Anne Park is under a 10-minute drive from Chester-le-Street. It is a great place to walk your dog with plenty of fields for them to run in and rivers to paddle through.

There are three walking routes to choose from, the Red Route, which is 3km, the Blue Route, which is 2km, and the Green Route, which is 1km. 

If you are looking for open parks for the dogs to play and the children to run around there are a few local parks to enjoy:

Low Flatts Park and Field – This is known to be a great place for dogs and also has a playground for the children.

Millennium Green – Another great space for dogs to enjoy and a small play area for kids to enjoy.

Chester-le-Street Skatepark – Has plenty of field space for the dogs to run around, and a big skatepark for children to enjoy.