10 of the best restaurants in Edinburgh

Below are what we think are some of the best restaurants in Edinburgh; from cheap eats to Michelin Star restaurants. 

The Kitchin 

Not just one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh but named the best restaurant in Scotland in 2022 (the 2nd year in a row it claimed this prestigious title), The Kitchin is a contemporary, Michelin-starred restaurant in the Edinburgh port district of Leith. Proudly sourcing their ingredients from Scotland and utilising a seasonal menu, The Kitchin ensures that visitors get to enjoy each Scottish dish when it’s at its freshest and its best. 

Promising an idyllic dining experience, The Kitchin (named after its owner, the renowned chef, Tom Kitchin) is one of those lucky Edinburgh restaurants with a view of the heavenly Leith waterfront.

The Scran and Scallie

The Scran and Scallie is also owned by Tom Kitchin. The Scran and Scallie is Kitchin’s famous gastropub and is known for serving up hearty portions of local pub classics as well as the perfect Sunday roast. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and a simple but excellent menu.


The Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site and the most historic part of Edinburgh; an untouched region that’s still upheld much of its original medieval street plan. 

In many ways, Ondine is a seafood restaurant that embodies much of Old Town’s spirit – being a throwback to a simpler time when one could just roll up one’s sleeves and get stuck in to freshly caught seafood, Ondine sources all of its seafood sustainably from fishermen angling off the East Coast of Scotland.

A relaxed dining experience, Ondine foregoes any unnecessary formality to create a stripped back environment that places all the focus on the food and the enjoyment of it. 

No longer strictly a seafood restaurant, Ondine now also offers its patrons carefully selected cuts of meat from carefully selected British suppliers.

Angel with Bagpipes

With the eclectic array of restaurants on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh locals are spoilt for choice when walking through the heart of the Old Town. However, one restaurant that somehow manages to stand out despite the hefty competition is the fine dining establishment, the Angels with Bagpipes. 

Serving up traditional Scottish dishes reimagined with a more modern aesthetic, Angels with Bagpipes somehow manages to update the classics of yesteryear without losing the rich flavours that sit at the core of them and, in many cases, define them.

The Witchery by the Castle

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, The Witchery by the Castle is a bewitchingly beautiful restaurant that is a popular date night venue for many a lovebird thanks to its romantically elegant ambience.

Situated in one of Britain’s most romantic hotels (Mr & Mrs Smith), The Witchery by the Castle makes a point of only using locally sourced Scottish produce, including Scottish game from Perthshire and The Highlands and Scottish beef from The Borders.

If you’re looking for a romantic night out in the city centre, The Witchery by the Castle comes highly recommended.

The Gardener's Cottage

Possibly one of the more unique restaurants Edinburgh has to offer, The Garden Cottage isn’t the largest of the restaurants in Edinburgh, but it doesn’t really need to be. 

Heralded by the likes of The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Scotsman for being a taste of the countryside for people bored of the city and for serving up balanced meals that leave you feeling satisfied without feeling stuffed, The Gardener’s Cottage feels a little bit like Edinburgh’s worst kept secret. 

With a short but simple menu that chooses to do everything right rather than do too much, The Gardener’s Cottage provides a lovely break from the norm and promises wholesome dishes in a cosy atmosphere.

However, if you’re planning to pay The Gardener’s Cottage a visit, note that you must make a reservation online first due to the limited capacity of the venue…it’s worth it though!

The Stocksbridge Restaurant

The culinary embodiment of warmth, The Stockbridge is a delightful restaurant nestled in the sweet Edinburgh village of Stockbridge and illuminated by magical fairy lights. 

Anchored by its cosy interior and its imaginative menu, the restaurant put its daring twist on various Scottish and European dishes, providing visitors with an innovative menu.

When paired with their superb selection of wines, each dish tells its own story that’s transports the diner to their inner most happy place. 

The restaurant was awarded the prestigious Diner’s Choice in 2022 by OpenTable and was also awarded the Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence in 2023 by the AA.


Another of the more unique restaurants in Edinburgh, Timberyard’s former warehouse settings give it an unpolished, rustic feel that mirrors its contemporary, experimental menu. 

A family-run business, the Timberyard has demonstrated time and time again that it’s not afraid to change up its menu in-line with which elements of Scottish cuisine the restaurant wants to highlight over a particular period. 

Using locally sourced produce and working with a number of Artisan suppliers, Timberyard has carved its niche as one of the more authentic restaurants in Edinburgh.  

The restaurant’s extensive list of vegetarian & vegan options also makes it one of the finest vegetarian and vegan restaurants Edinburgh has to offer too.


Situated in the Garden Room at The Kimpton Charlotte Square, Aizle is an Edinburgh restaurant famous for its exceptional 8-course tasting menu. Regularly updated with the seasons, its tasting menu incorporates flavours from all over the Scottish Isles, based on what’s in season during the local harvest.  Intricately paired with the perfect drinks for each course, Aizle is an absolute treat to visit and is the perfect spot for a date or a catch up with friends. With its greenhouse aesthetic and caringly presented dishes, eating at Aizle really feels like an event that should be savoured with every visit.

Wedgwood the Restaurant 

More than just an exceptional restaurant serving up inspired dishes influenced by Scotland’s diverse cultural scene, Wedgwood is very much a haven for many in the community looking for a place to have good times and good food with the ones they love. Wedgwood brings people from all parts of Scotland together with their ‘Wee Tour of Scotland’ tasting menu – that shines a light on various culinary delights from all over Scotland.

The restaurant educates its patrons on how to embrace their local surroundings with their fun foraging courses. They’ve even worked with local attractions like Mary King’s Close to bring awe inspiring cultural events to life like their incredible Burns Night events.  As one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh, Wedgwood already has much to be proud of, but it’s its community projects and passion for their Scottish heritage that really sets this restaurant apart. A city with so much to offer, find out more about what living in Edinburgh is like.  

A city with so much to offer, find out more about what living in Edinburgh is like here.