10 date night ideas in Middlesbrough

Get ready to embark on a romantic journey with our curated list of 10 of the best things to do in Middlesbrough for couples. 

Grab your partner's hand and let's dive into a world of romance, adventure, and cherished memories!

Catch a show at Middlesbrough Town Hall

Middlesbrough Town Hall regularly hosts a variety of concerts, performances, and cultural events. With its stunning architecture, historical significance and a variety of activities, the Town Hall is a must-visit place in Middlesbrough. 

Check their schedule to see if any upcoming shows or concerts interest you. Whether it's a theatre performance, music concert or comedy show, the atmosphere and unique setting can enhance the experience for you and your partner.

Remember to check the official website or contact Middlesbrough Town Hall directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on activities and events happening at the venue. 

Go bowling

If you and your partner are looking for fun things to do in Middlesbrough, bowling is the right choice. 

Bowling date nights allow you to share a common experience with your partner. It's a chance to engage in an activity where both of you can actively participate, collaborate, and support each other. It provides an opportunity for you and your significant other to let loose, be silly, and have fun together.

Look for a bowling alley with a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Find a venue that offers a comfortable seating area, pleasant lighting, and a relaxed atmosphere. This will help create a romantic and intimate setting for your date.

In Middlesbrough, a popular choice for bowling enthusiasts is the Hollywood Bowl. It offers a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere with a range of lanes, automatic scoring systems, and cosmic bowling sessions. The venue includes a bar, a restaurant, and an arcade for added enjoyment.

Take a cocktail masterclass

Cocktail masterclasses at The Blue Bell Hotel in Middlesbrough are not only educational but also entertaining. Learn together how to make some fancy cocktails from the expert bartenders and get new experience with your partner. 

During a cocktail masterclass, you can expect a hands-on experience guided by qualified and knowledgeable mixologists. They may also provide insights into the bar's signature creations and the inspiration behind their unique flavour combinations. The classes are held in a dedicated space within the bar, creating an intimate and immersive atmosphere with a glass of prosecco upon arrival.

After the masterclass, you and your partner can enjoy tasting sessions and savour the cocktails you’ve created.

Enjoy a film together 

Cineworld is a popular cinema in Middlesbrough located in the town centre, providing a convenient entertainment option for moviegoers. You can expect to find a variety of genres, including action, comedy, drama, science fiction, and more. They often showcase both Hollywood blockbusters and popular international films.

Unlike a traditional dinner date, a cinema date can be less formal and have a more relaxed atmosphere. It takes the pressure off continuous conversation and allows you to enjoy the film together while still spending quality time. You can discuss the film afterward, share your thoughts, and even discover shared preferences or new genres you both like.

Play mini golf

In terms of things to do in Middlesbrough that allow you to let your hair down, there are few things better than playing crazy adventure mini golf.

As you navigate through the course, you can chat, mess about and get to know each other better. It can really help with breaking the ice, especially if you’re only going on your first or second date. 

One of the best places to play mini golf in Middlesbrough is Putter Chaos, located in Wilson Street. With six different zones, each hole has its own unique quirky personality, making for a fun and low-pressure dating experience.

Go for a romantic walk

Albert Park provides a peaceful escape from the bustling city and makes for a delightful experience for couples. 

As you explore the park, you'll come across charming bridges that cross over the lake and are idyllic spots for romantic gestures. There are also gazebos dotted throughout the park, offering cosy spots to sit, relax, and enjoy each other's company.

The park features several well-maintained walkways that wind through the greenery, providing ample opportunities for hand-in-hand strolls. You can take your time, enjoy the fresh air, and engage in meaningful conversations whilst surrounded by nature.

Watch a football game

Having a date at Riverside Stadium, the home of Middlesbrough Football Club, is the perfect way to break the ice if you’re both sports enthusiasts – giving you something to bond over and talk about right from the get-go.

Taking one of the stadium’s guided tours and explore the stands, players' tunnel, and even the pitch or attend an actual game.

Immersing yourselves in the electric atmosphere, cheering for the team, and enjoying the thrill of live football can really make for quite the memorable date.

Enjoy dinner at a romantic restaurant

Trying new dishes or experiencing gourmet cuisine together can be an exciting adventure for couples. When dining out, you and your date can sit back, relax, and let the restaurant staff take care of the service and food preparation. This allows you to focus on each other's company without distractions. 

There is a diverse selection of bars and restaurants in Middlesbrough that can set the stage for a romantic evening with your partner. Treat your taste buds with some delicious Italian cuisine and wine at Fellini's, an award-winning restaurant. The atmosphere is intimate, and the service is excellent. 

Or there’s Vine, in Linthorpe, which specialises in seafood and is next door to the popular Artizan cocktail bar, which has a roof terrace perfect for those warm spring and summer evenings.

Visit escape rooms together

Escape rooms offer a thrilling and immersive experience and are a great date night idea for bold couples. It's a break from the usual dinner-and-movie date routine and can inject a sense of excitement and adventure into your time together. 

Working as a team in an escape room can give you insights into each other's problem-solving skills, communication styles, and ability to collaborate. It can provide a glimpse into how well you work together.

In Middlesbrough there area variety of escape rooms with diverse themes and levels of difficulty. In Project Escape rooms, for example, you can participate in Wild West prison break, experience a walk through a haunted hospital or resolve Sherlock’s mysteries.

Remember to choose an escape room with a suitable difficulty level that both you and your date will enjoy.

Join a ghost walk tour

If you're up for some slightly more unusual things to do in Middlesbrough with your date, why not join a ghost walk tour? 

Explore Middlesbrough’s haunted history as you walk through its eerie streets, listening to chilling tales and legends. 

The thrill of the unknown and the possibility of encountering something paranormal can generate a sense of excitement and adrenaline. Sharing this thrilling experience with your date can heighten emotions and create a sense of adventure, bringing you closer together.

The perfect town for young couples, Middlesbrough’s vibrant cultural scene means there’ll always be something for the two of you to do together...perhaps, if it all goes well, you’ll even have your first house together here too.

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