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What mums really want on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming around once more and the shops are packed to the rafters with cards, flowers, gift ideas, and many other products that have the word MUM plastered on them

But are these the things that mothers really want? Not really, no.

If you really want to treat a mother that you know, whether it’s your mum, partner or friend, here’s a few ideas for you…

Give her a lie in

Every mother (especially if they have a very young child) needs more sleep. She constantly craves the ability to stay in bed, unbothered, for as long as she would like to, but even an extra hour would do. The blissful and restful feeling of tending to no-one’s needs but your own disappears as soon as you become a mother (I have no idea when it returns, but it’s some years away, that’s for sure). Get up with the kids and get them out of the house so that your special someone can snooze away without having any little visitors coming to find her.

Treat her

Make sure that on Mother’s Day she gets to do whatever it is that makes her happy. This could be having a long, hot bubble bath with a book and a glass of wine. It could be listening to a whole album at once with no interruptions, or going out for brunch with friends. Whatever it is, make time in the day for her to get a little bit of herself back and enjoy something that’s all about her.

Spoil her

While she’s having that lie in(!), you and the children could bake her a cake, or some biscuits – anything that she likes to eat as a treat. Spend some time making her a card or a homemade gift with them too. It’s so lovely to have something homemade, and it can mean that much more than anything shop-bought.

Do something together

I’ve said that mothers need time to themselves (even if only an hour) but it’s also brilliant to celebrate the day together. Make sure you arrange to have some quality time with each other, whether you go on a day trip, have a picnic in the park, or simply play in the garden. Eating a feast around the table at home is also a great thing to do together to celebrate (especially if you clean up afterwards too). Some people prefer to go out for a meal, and if you’re planning on doing this make sure you book in advance as places fill up fast.

Keep tasks to a minimum

If you can, give her a complete break from the mundane tasks of the day to day. Washing up, laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping (unless it’s exciting shopping) should all be banished from Mother’s Day if possible.

Just let her know she’s amazing

This is what it’s all about really, isn’t it? So much of what mothers do goes unseen. There’s magic in the million tiny little things that she does every day. The things she spots that others wouldn’t; knowing when a hug is needed, when her child needs help, or how to cajole a smile when they are sad or upset. All these things are done without thought and without thanks, because that’s what being a mother is. Mothers are completely amazing - make sure your special someone knows it!

The ideas above certainly shouldn’t just be offered on this one day of the year. Being a mum is an incredible thing, but it’s also all-encompassing and exhausting. Remember this throughout the year when you see or think of your friend, partner, sister, aunt, mother or niece... Any lady in your life that is looking after another whole human being could do with an occasional nudge that says, “Hey, you’re doing great by the way.” (A little bit of pampering wouldn’t go amiss either.)

Jo Murricane is a freelance copywriter and blogger, based in Leeds. Read all about her food and lifestyle investigations on her blog,


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