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Trend Watch: Velvet

Darlings of Chelsea Green Velvet Sofa

Velvet is one of the most versatile and luxurious of materials. Here are some top tips from Kimberly Duran on how to use velvet fabrics, furniture and accessories in the home for maximum impact.

I’ve always been a huge fan of velvet in my interiors. I have not one but two velvet sofas in my living room – a dark olive green chesterfield and a bold yellow loveseat as well. I also have velvet curtains, a velvet headboard and a multitude of velvet cushions. Am I obsessed with this luxe fabric? Quite possibly.

But while my love of velvet has been going strong for years, it’s actually one of the key trends of Autumn Winter 2017. I adore it for many reasons and I hope by the end of this post, you’ll be adding a few velvet accents to your home as well.

The Glamour Factor

One of the reasons I’ve always loved velvet is that it adds an element of luxury to any space. The way it ages so beautifully, the soft neat pile compresses into a soft shine and just adds to its appeal. It harkens back to a more glamorous age but works beautifully in both traditional as well as contemporary settings.

Let There Be Light

There is also a beauty in the way it captures the light. The soft sheen is subtly reflective and so while it doesn’t bounce light around the room, it does add dimension to your space. Choosing fabrics with depth such as velvet is a great way to add warmth and character to a room.

In the Autumn season, this fabric is a perfect way to add additional textures to your space. It’s a fabric that begs to be touched, making it a wonderful choice for a soft sofa or a plush throw.

What Goes with Velvet?

If you are wondering what velvet might work well with in your home, I have always found that strong contrasts work particularly well. Consider harder and smoother materials such as marble, brass or glass to contrast with your velvet, all of which are big trends for this year.

A Rainbow of Colours

One of the most appealing elements about velvet is that it comes in every colour under the rainbow. Looking to add some deep indigo to your home? Consider dark velvet cushions for your sofa. Want to add softness to your bedroom? Think pale blushy pink curtains in rich velvet to add warmth and style. The colours are nearly limitless, and you can make a statement in a bold shade or keep things soft and subtle with a warm neutral.

Practicalities of Velvet

You may worry about using velvet – particularly in larger pieces like a sofa and especially if you have children or pets. I have found with experience that with 3 different cats over the years, none of them have ever scratched my velvet furniture. Velvet is not a looped furniture and as such, cats can’t get their claws in it to shed the outer layers (this is what they are doing when they destroy your nice woven fabric sofa). So, they simply don’t bother.

With dogs or children, however, it may not be quite as practical but many velvets are now prepared with a specialty fabric coating which keeps the velvet repellent to stains and liquids, making it a more practical choice than you may think!


Kimberly Duran is an award-winning interior design blogger who chronicles her decorating journey in her blog, Swoon Worthy. Her style is unashamedly eclectic, bohemian and glamorous and when she's not helplessly drooling over design websites and adding things to the imaginary 'shopping basket' in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects, stalking eBay for bargains, taking Instagram pictures of her cats and investing time in her ongoing love affair with gold spray paint.

Image credits: Swoon Worthy / Darlings of Chelsea

Darlings of Chelsea Velvet Blue Sofa
Swoon Worthy Velvet Headboard
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