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Trend Report: Vintage furnishings


If you’re looking to do something different to your home décor, vintage furnishings could well be the answer.

Knowing how to add eclectic antiques into your interior can seem a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be! Retro furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials, so finding something that fits and feels natural in your home is easy. From sophisticated sofas to chic storage, there’s a vintage furnishing to suit all styles.

We’ve dipped our toe into the water of vintage furniture and offered a few tips on how you can add a touch of antique glam into your home.

Teak is easy with a sideboard

Arguably the vintage furnishing that’s most in demand in current décor trends is the sideboard. Whether it’s for standing a television on top of or using purely as a showpiece within the home, a sideboard can add that retro feel without looking out of place in a modern-day interior.  

A Scandinavian-inspired teak sideboard is what you’ll want if you’re looking to add vintage furniture to your living space. These sideboards are usually from the 1960s or 70s, if you’re wanting an authentic one, however you can buy a modern-day crafted version if you’d prefer. The biggest conundrum with sideboards however is size – both in height and length. You’ll be able to gauge what size you’ll need once you’ve decided on your sideboard’s use.

Available at Vinterior, the mid-century teak sideboard by Jentique offers a light veneer finish at a good height and width, making it ideal for placing your TV. Or for a statement sideboard, opt for something more akin to this Danish 1960s number, with more height yet narrower in shape. This sort of vintage furnishing would be ideal in a hallway

Eclectic mix of materials

The joy of vintage furniture is that all the varying eras of interior style bring with them different materials, colours and textures – and bringing this varied mix to your home can add character to a space.

Wood plays a major role within vintage furnishings, with different types of the materials being used across the decades. For a touch of decadence, opt for an antique oak or mahogany piece, and if you’re going for a lighter look, teak and pine would be the perfect choices.

A strong vintage statement piece is a mirror, with the different eras bringing their own unique styling to your home. This mid-century sunburst mirror, available on The Hoarde, is a beautiful example of vintage pizzazz, whereas this antique French black & silver gilt mirror offers a contrasting rustically weathered black and silver gilt finish.

Chic sofas and armchairs

For a statement feature in your living space, look no further than a vintage sofa or chair. The classic Chesterfield sofa always works perfect in the home – this vintage sofa from Pool Bank Vintage Interiors comes in oxblood red leather, but it works just as well in shades or dark green or blue. For some Art Deco glamour, choose a banana-shaped sofa, like this one from Lots To Like, which oozes the style of the 1940s with its green velour finish.

When it comes to armchairs, the possibilities are endless for incorporating vintage furnishings into the home. Channel the groove of the 1970s with a velour swivel chair or achieve a simple Scandinavian style by getting a Danish teak lounge chair. For an extravagant chair, go for this 1940s sheepskin armchair from Vinterior.