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Trend report: Soft tropics

Soft Tropics2

Bring a celebration of nature to your décor this season, by introducing soft tropics.

Botanic-inspired design has been a mainstay in our homes over the last 12 months – read our guide on getting greenery in your living spaces for some inspo – but a new wave of flowery features are big this season. Soft tropics keep the element of nature, yet deliver them in a softer, diluted style.

Bringing subtle floral design into your home doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow our top tips for a soft tropical interior that oozes on-trend panache.

Soft colours for a tropical paradise

For the soft tropic décor, you need a desaturated colour palette. Think leafy green, mustard and blues as the mainstays of your style – these colours tend to epitomise all tropical-themed trends, but you need to choose softer hues for this style.

To bring character to a space, opt for pops of nude pink. This shade beautifully contrasts the aforementioned colours, and the mix of pinks and greens effortlessly adds vibes of tropical fauna without the need to have any plants. You don’t want the colours in your space to be overpowering with the soft tropics look – subtle, easy-going tones are a must to create the right ambience.

A fauna-inspired feature wall

Introducing a feature wall to your home can be a simple way to inject some chic soft tropic character into your interior. Again, this style is all about being subtle – wallpapering an entire room with a soft tropics-inspired pattern would be overpowering and, potentially, overbearing.

There are two approaches you can take to achieve this – either a full-block colour wall, or a patterned feature. For the former, take inspiration for the colours mentioned above and choose a hue that’ll best suit your space. A nude pink would create a chic bedroom style, whilst green would add to the fresh feel of a kitchen space.

Your second option is to go down the wallpaper route. The paper should be botanic themed – we love this choice from Graham & Brown – and incorporate the colours of the soft tropics trends. Remember though, it can be a little tricky to align patterns when wallpapering, so if you’re not a confident decorator a block wall may be the best option.

Accessorising with soft tropics in mind

You don’t have to go as big as committing to an entire wall to bring soft tropics to your home. Simply introducing a few everyday items can make all the difference.

For a living or bedroom space, pillows are an easy way to add a pop of the soft tropical – this botanic case from SHEIN brings a touch of greenery, whilst Maisons Du Monde has a more natural-inspired option, complete with a toucan. 

Lighting is another key area where you can add to the soft tropical feel on your home. Opting for either a small table lamp or a main light fitting can both be as subtly powerful as each other – this pineapple-inspired lamp with nude pink shade is perfect for any space, and this fauna-themed shade adds some style from above.

For a subtle design style, add soft tropics to your interior list this season and get a décor that’s bang on-trend.