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Trend report: How rugs can revamp your home


Refreshing your home’s interior doesn’t mean ripping everything out and starting again.

It can be as simple as adding a new soft furnishing into a room, and what easier way to do so than introducing rugs into different spaces. Whether it’s a patterned circular one, or a bold coloured rectangular choice, a rug is a great way to add a new dimension and breathe life into your décor.

Here, we’ve offered a few top tips on revamping your home’s style through using rugs.

It isn’t all about size

The best thing about bringing rugs into your interior is the range of sizes they can come in, meaning you’re bound to find one perfect for an intended space.

For a hallway, a long, thin rug is a great way to give your home’s entrance that added bit of style, whilst a larger, rectangular shaped rug is ideal for the centre of a social space. For subtle pops of colour or patterns around the home, choose much smaller square or circular rugs which can be easily worked into the layout of a room.

Channel your inner animal

To bring a unique edge to your home’s flooring, opt for a faux animal print rug. Nature-inspired rugs are all the craze in the interior world at the moment, and the great thing about them is the sheer number of different patterns and textures available.

Take inspiration from the Serengeti and add the colours and patterns of safari animals to your space. The monochrome style of the zebra pattern is hugely popular at the moment, adding a simplistic edge to your aesthetic – these prints can come in both bold, dark shades or a lighter tone of black, depending on what look you’re going for. Leopard print has also been making big moves in the interior world and can bring an animalistic touch to your home. Or for something more traditional, the good old fashioned sheepskin rug is the perfect accessory for any bedroom.

Let the rug create your colour scheme

It might seem odd, but a rug can help dictate the entire colour theme of your space. If you choose a rug with a specific pattern, or coloured in a specific hue or tone, it can give you the inspiration to pick the styles for your cushions, curtains and other soft furnishings. Styling your home from the floor up isn’t that mad of an idea, so let your rug do the talking when it comes to getting the perfect interior style. 

Cultivating contrast

You don’t just have to have a hard wood or tiled floor for a rug to be necessary. By layering up carpets and rugs, you can create beautiful contrasts of patterns and materials to add another dimension to your home’s décor. This creates a mix of infused texture and warmth – having a smaller rug which has a differing colour or pattern placed over the top of plain coloured carpet will certainly win you interior style points.