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Trend Report: Curved furniture the big trend for 2019

Curved 3

While square geometrical forms may have dominated the interior design landscape for quite some time, curved furniture is making a comeback in a big way.

The noises coming out of the recent Milan Design Week indicate that curves are going to be one of the hottest trends in 2019.

That’s not to say that furniture with hard and sleek Scandinavian lines is going to disappear, but designers and fashionable consumers are beginning to embrace the soft curves of sofas, tables, lighting and mirrors that lend a real sense of home comfort to even the most stylish living spaces.

Hugging the room

Stiff-backed chairs can look great but they’re not always the most comfortable or even welcoming to sit in, are they? They can look like museum pieces, which is great from an aesthetic point of view, yet not so much when it comes to relaxing.

The latest and most desirable sofa designs we’re seeing come through manage to blend both comfort and style. Their chic soft or scalloped curves fuse suitable artistic appeal with a beckoning to snuggle into them with your feet tucked under you and your hands wrapped around a cup of warming hot chocolate or red wine.

Throwing some shapes

A coffee table can be the real centrepiece of a room, and curves can lend a real softness to the room, helping introduce a modish throwback kitsch and contrasting shapes and forms.

In something of a departure from the austere feel of stiffer Mid-century Modern, a curved coffee table can bring a fresh and exciting visual rhythm to your living area.

Go gentle into that good night

Harking back to bygone eras, curved lighting represents a move away from the starkness of the prevalent Scandinavian style, imparting a new and softer dimension to a kitchen, living room, study or bedroom.

From reading lamps to art deco wall lights to freeform feature or overhead lighting reminiscent of the timeless Möbius strip, there are plenty of lighting options for creating a gentler ambience in your home.

Time to yourself

Every piece of furniture in a room has more than simply a practical part to play, and nowhere is this more apparent than with standalone chairs.

Whether it’s for somewhere to read a book, flick through a magazine, watch TV or just while away the hours, there are some stunning new curved chair designs around for you to indulgently relax in.