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Trend Report: Bringing the right patterns into your home


Plain décor that lacks that edge of pizzazz can often leave your home feeling dull and a bit lacklustre.

Yet incorporating some life into your walls, floors and furnishings shouldn’t be an arduous task. Adding patterns into your spaces is a simple yet effective way of creating a stylish décor. From the kitchen floor to the walls in your bedroom, chic patterns are a versatile and flexible interior choice – if you use them right.

Here are four top tips from Avant Life on how to introduce patterns into your home interior.

Getting the blend of boldness right

It isn’t just about throwing bold shapes and design styles together to create a patterned aesthetic. Teaming bold patterns with a neutral colour is the perfect way to create an on-trend Scandinavian look – think soft woods, white furnishings and dark hues partnered with an eclectic print when creating your room’s focal point. If space is a little on the tight side, make sure to add in plain colour and fabrics alongside your printed patterns to get the right balance.

Change it up with tiles

Away from soft furnishings and wallpaper, tiles are an effective way of adding patterns into your home décor. You don’t want to have the same shade and style of pattern across all your interiors, and tiles offer an ease of flexibility in aesthetics. In your kitchen and bathroom, contrast geometric patterns against different coloured patterns to add a more contemporary feel – letting the prints clash oozes a daring décor.

Don’t overdo the botanics

There has been a huge interior movement towards introducing plants and botanical inspired features into our homes. But with this floral style comes a lot of different colours, textures and patterns which can inevitable make a space feel congested. It’s not about the quantity of your botanic choices, it’s about the quality of them. One top tip is to keep your plant-themed décor to a minimum but have it up high to maximise the visual effectiveness of it.

Accentuate your wall

Focusing on one wall in your space can turn it from a boring room to one full of character. Having a feature wall is a great way of packing bold bravura in your décor and is perfect for any sized room. Place your patterned feature wall behind a piece of furniture (for example, a desk, a chest of drawers or a wash basin) and it’ll add a new dimension to the space, compared to having a plain blank canvas. For top style points, pair your patterned wall with artwork, an embellished mirror or metallic accessories.