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Trend Report: Bring zest to your interior style with gelato colours


Every season, we see a myriad of different décor ideas to introduce into our homes – some more successful than others. But this summer comes a trend that we expect to be here for the long haul.

Cheeky, chic and (of course) colourful, gelato shades are THE style choice for summer 2018, and beyond.

Get yourself some design inspo by following our guide on what gelato colours are, and how to best use them in your home’s interior.

What is a gelato colour?

Gelato colours, also known as ice cream colours, offer contrastingly bright pockets of colour around the home. It’s about mixing and matching pastel colours to give sense of unpredictability to your décor style – nothing is the same, and it’s different for a reason.

These colours bring a soft-yet-bold vibe to your interior style, wanting to stand out but at the same time wanting to blend in. Gelato colours consist of eye-catching shades such as avocado green bubble-gum blue, strawberry pink and lemon yellow

How to use gelato colours

Introducing gelato colours in your home doesn’t need to be a difficult task. You can go as small or large scale as you like when getting the ice cream shades into your décor style, with anything from as little as a pillow to a much-bigger sofa or pair of curtains.

In our opinion, gelato colours are best used against a neutral backdrop, especially in a smaller space. Having your bright bursts of colour contrasting against a wall paint either white, vanilla or black will really accentuate your gelato features too.

A top tip would be not to feel as if you cram a whole load of colours into one space – you want it to look chic and cool, not cluttered and chaotic. Dropping in a few hints of aqua or pistachio green is enough to turn to plain space into an exciting one.

For that real jaw-dropping look, partner flamboyant gelato colours in a big way – we’re talking rugs, three-piece suites, statement walls – with metallic accessories and heap loads of leafy greenery (a natural gelato colour). This combination is a sure-fire winner in the style stakes.

If you’re going for a subtle addition, opt for a few throw pillows for your sofa or bed. The kitchen is a simple place to introduce these colours too through chopping boards, mugs and tea towels – it  might not seem much, but these little sparks of colour around a space will add an electric feel to your interior style.

Bring your home décor into 2018 with gelato colours, the frighteningly bright pops your home is screaming out for.