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Trend Report: Accent tables bring a little pizazz to your home

Accent table 2

It can be the little things that make the greatest differences, and accent tables are the latest new trend elevating home interiors.

There are lots of different types of accent tables, from coffee tables to end tables and console tables, all of which can help add a sophisticated or edgy focal point to your room.

Here, we look through a selection of accent table styles that could be just right for the kind of design statement you want to make.

Delivering the X-factor

X-shaped tables are a hot trend at the moment, delivering on both visual drama and flexibility.

And it’s not just the letter ‘X’ that’s capturing the imagination of furniture designers and style-conscious buyers. The angularity and practical possibilities of letters with geometric shapes, such as ‘S’ or ‘Z’ or ‘E’, make them a popular choice for discerning buyers, whether that be for clever book shelving, or a place to put your drink, or displaying cherished photos.

And, if letters and words are your thing, you can go further with beautifully crafted tables that spell out whole words that say more about you.

Scandinavian cool

Effortlessly combining elegant lines and practicality, Scandinavian-inspired end tables not only look stylishly minimalist but also have the advantage of two drawers for storing away essentials.

As suitable for a sitting room or home office as they are for the bedroom, you can’t go wrong with this deceptively clever piece of design.

Less is more

100 years since it was founded to bridge the gap between art and practicality, the Bauhaus movement continues to inform modern design trends.

Characterised by simplicity, harmonious lines and a sympathetic use of industrial materials, a bauhaus-inspired accent table perfectly lends itself to the minimalist or stark look. Whether it’s nesting tables, a coffee table or an unfussy side table you’re looking for, the bauhaus style could be the accent that does it for you.

That natural look

It’s a gratifying feeling to own something absolutely unique, and with a petrified wood accent table, you really can. Petrification from wood to stone occurs through a natural mineralisation process that may take literally hundreds of years, creating a startling surface effect that furniture designers have taken advantage of to craft truly one-off tables sure to prompt conversation.   



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