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Top tips for the festive clean up

Festive clean up2

And in the click of a finger, Christmas is gone!

The most wonderful time of the year has been and gone, and now all that’s left to do is clean up to get the house back to normal. To give you a helping hand, we’ve offered six top tips to help you with your tidying up after Christmas.

Handwash your yuletide crockery

Everyone has a special set of plates that only get rolled out on December 25! On Christmas Day, using your dishwasher is the best to power through all the washing up after your festive dinner. But with a full dishwasher, some of those gravy-encrusted plates may become a tad more challenging to get spotless and could leave your once-a-year plates a little dirty.

Before you pack away all your best plates, bowls and cups for another year, make sure to give them a good old-fashioned handwash to make sure there’s no remnants of Christmas 2019 left on them!

Vacuum pack your festive furnishings

Whether it’s a Christmas jumper, a festive throw or some yuletide-inspired bedding, putting away the soft furnishings is a key part of tidying after Christmas. You’re not going to need them until next year, so why let them take up drawer space when you can pack them away with your decorations?

Investing in a few vacuum-sealed bags for your soft Christmas furnishings will save you a whole load of space, and leave the items feeling fresh and clean ahead of next year!

Separate your recyclables and non-recyclables

Wrapping paper, Christmas cards, boxes, food packaging…

The festive period creates a lot of rubbish! To stay on top of what can be thrown away, create piles of your recyclables and non-recyclables to ensure everything is disposed of correctly. Remember, some wrapping paper and cards can’t be recycled due to the glitter and paints on them, so be sure to always check the information printed on them!

Be sure to have a box for all your plastic and glass bottles, as well as jars, so you can take them to your nearest recycling centre.

Check the bin collection dates!

Following on from the above, make sure you know which days your bins are being emptied on! Over the festive period, your rubbish tends to get collected more regularly than at less peak times of the year. Check online when they’ll be emptied so you’ll know when you can fill your bins right to the brim!

Wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard

When you’re de-Christmasing your house, you may want to get everything down as quickly as possible – meaning you literally just shove everything back into boxes, without thinking of the carnage it will cause next year.

When tidying after Christmas, make sure your fairy lights aren’t tangled up by wrapping them around a piece of cardboard. This way, when it comes to unravelling them in 2020 you won’t to spend hours trying to sort your lights out!

Using tape to pick up them pesky needles

Having a real tree can make your Christmas decorations that extra bit more festive – but cleaning up after Christmas has finished with, it can make it that extra bit harder! Once you’ve vacuumed the area where your tree has been, use some sticky tape (the stickier, the better) to pick up all those rogue needles that wouldn’t get sucked up.