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Top interior trends for 2018

2018 Interior Trends Lead

Out with the old, in with the new – the start of a new year offers you the perfect chance to refresh and reinvigorate your home’s interior.

Whether it’s choosing an energising colour scheme for your walls, or just getting a few new cushions for the settee, breathing life into your home with a décor rejuvenation can completely reinvent a space and create an ambience perfect for 2018.

Don’t want to fall behind the trends and styles when it comes to your home? Check out the hottest interior trends of 2018 and see how you can refresh your home this year.

Vibrant hues and earthy tones

Your entire décor theme is going to be decided by your colour choices, so choosing the right palettes for your home is key to hitting the 2018 interior trends. Bursts of vivacious colours will add brightness and fun to your home – the likes of cactus greens, peacock blues and terracotta are set to be major players in home design this year.

Introduce these bold colours to your interior simply through rugs, pillows and wall art, or for a bigger impact, paint a statement wall.

A new hue is set to make a stand too, with plum overtaking powerful pinks for the year ahead. We’ll still see luscious pink tones in our natural materials, but plum’s versatility will make it a must-have colour.

Fashionable foliage

Breathe life into your home by introducing fresh greenery to your key spaces. Patterned plants have become a hot trend for 2018, thanks to their vibrant colours and designs that can complement any interior style. House plants may seem outdated, but this resurrection of funky foliage is a cost-effective way to change the ambience of your home. 

Multipurpose furnishings for multipurpose rooms

Modern living dictates that we need to be more flexible with our rooms and how we use them, and this is expected to continue in the coming year. As one of the biggest interior trends for 2018, multifunctional furnishings give you the ability to transform a room with a few core pieces – especially when you’re looking to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces. Add a splash of colour to these Nordic-inspired items to get your interior on-trend.

Global influences

Scandinavian designs have long been a source of interior inspiration, but 2018 sees global trends making a huge comeback. From a simple set of throw pillows to bathroom accessories, channelling your inner voyager will allow you to create a thematic trail throughout your home. Partner exotic artefacts, earthy colours and jungle patterns to give your space worldwide influences.

Getting the right feel

Whether it’s in the living room or bedroom, expect to see new materials coming to life in our homes. Adding new textures will bring a refreshed feel to your space and can give your décor a modern appeal. Velvet is set to become the go-to material when it comes to soft furnishings thanks to its luxurious texture – this material will be particularly on-season during autumn/winter. The fabric of choice for renowned designers in 2017, leather will play a huge role in interior trends over the next 12 months. Think bed throws and cosy quilted chairs to really make the most of this material.

Lightbulb moments

Traditional lighting will step aside in 2018, with industrial and retro fixtures becoming the favourite. Give your light fittings a makeover for a simple yet effective way of reinventing and refreshing your décor.

We’ve seen a huge movement towards the use of LED lights within the home, offering you a greater variety of lighting possibilities. Floor and freestanding lamps will also give your home an extra dimension and for entertainment spaces, opt for the grandeur and opulence of a chandelier.