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Bring botanic beauty and chic style to your garden with these must-follow trends

Botanic beauty and chic style2

The great British summer is here.

As many of us head into our gardens to soak up the sun, enjoy a BBQ and spend time with the family, we look at the latest garden trends to bring that added style to your outdoor space.  

From ‘going wild’ and growing your own, to bringing the outdoors in and taking the indoors outside, there is something to inspire everyone, regardless of how green your fingers are.

Going ‘wild’

As we become more environmentally conscious, an emerging trend is allowing our gardens to go ‘wild’. Rather than the delicately manicured flower beds and borders of yesteryear, gardens are becoming a haven for wildlife and biodiversity.

This isn’t an excuse the put the lawnmower away (think of the exercise!) but more about incorporating plants, flowers and grasses that attract bees and other insects to help with pollination, whilst creating spaces for small animals and mammals such a ponds, log piles and compost heaps. Combined it creates a garden that is ideal for you and your local wildlife. 

Grow your own  

For a variety of reasons, some of us are phasing meat out of our diet and adapting to go more plant-based. As this trend increases, so does the want to grow our own fruit and vegetables – and our gardens are the perfect place to do just that.

Not only could it save you a little bit of money compared to buying it from the supermarkets, you also have the added benefit of knowing exactly where it comes from.

Want to try it but not sure where to start? The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has a fantastic resource showing you how to grow your own.

Be bold and embrace the 70s and 80s

Like with this year’s interior trends, gardens are taking it back a few decades and embracing the 70s and 80s vibes with big, bright, bold colours. Roses, sweet peas, dahlias and echinacea all add a bright splash of colour to your flowerbeds and plant pots and are perfect for the summer months.

Treat your garden the way you would a room inside your home and pick flowers of similar colours. Group whites, purples and pinks together or reds and oranges. Set in a flowerbed or in a certain section of your garden and you will create a focal point that is similar to a statement wall that you’d have inside your home.

Bring the outdoors in

A garden doesn’t have to be just outside. Indoor plants are back in a big way and not just purely for aesthetic reasons either. Research shows that there are a number of health benefits from having plants indoors, including increasing productivity, improving mood, reducing stress and so much more. There are plenty of ways to bring greenery into the home and you can see just how here.

Bring the indoors out

A way to maximise the time you spend outside is to consider your garden as an extension of your indoor living space. Creating an outdoor living room gives you a versatile place that you can entertain friends, enjoy peace and quiet, and spend quality time with the family as you enjoy the sunshine.

A large outdoor couch gives you the comfort of being in your living room, whilst a firepit allows you to use space to its fullest, long after the sun goes down.

Think vertical

Once reserved for those with limited spaces in city centres, vertical gardening is becoming more and more popular regardless of where you live, and whatever size outdoor space you have.

There isn’t a set way to enjoy this trend either, just think ‘up’. Whether you want to invest in a trellis, upcycle materials like old tin cans or plant ivies and vegetables that grow up your fence, the possibilities are endless and can be adapted to suit whatever aesthetic you’re aiming for in your garden.


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