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Top children’s gifts for Christmas 2015

singalong elsa big

The competition to be the top Christmas toy gets fiercer every year, and 2015 is set to be no different.

Every child has different tastes and every parent has a different budget, so we look at a range of toys and games to make your little ones’ dreams come true on December 25th.

Sing-A-Long Elsa from Frozen

Despite being two years old, Frozen is still going strong, with a range of merchandise on offer once again this Christmas. The biggest seller this year is set to be Sing-A-Long Elsa, which plays the film’s iconic song Let It Go. The sing-a-long function enables children to either let Elsa sing by holding the microphone to her mouth, or sing the words themselves. If they choose to do so, they can hand the microphone back to Elsa and she will continue where they left off, helping them to learn the lyrics and also preventing a break in the song. Be prepared to hear it many, many times in 2016 and beyond.

Lego Millennium Falcon

Star Wars has been a merchandising phenomenon for almost 40 years, and the release of a new film this year has pushed it into overdrive. A huge amount of toys are being released over the festive period, including many Lego tie-ins, but the most popular set is the iconic Millennium Falcon. With more than 1,300 pieces, building the ship will keep children and adults alike busy over the festive period. Its spring-loaded shooters, secret cargo section and six characters, including Chewbacca and Han Solo, will also ensure it retains its playability into the new year.

Xbox One

The next generation of consoles is now truly finding its feet, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both rapidly expanding their features and games libraries. In terms of power, the two are relatively similar, with outstanding processing speed and razor sharp graphics, but in terms of value the Xbox One has the advantage. The consoles have a similar price point, but the Xbox One’s recently announced backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games means that all those old birthday and Christmas presents on the last console will still work on the new one, giving it the edge over its rival.

Pie Face!

No Christmas is complete without a board game, but in 2015 disputes over the validity of words in Scrabble and ruthless tactics in Monopoly will be replaced by faces full of custard pie. Pie Face! is set to be the best-selling game this festive period and it is not hard to see why. It is simple to use, with players placing their chin rest in front of a spring-loaded arm and hand. The palm is filled with whipped cream or any other messy product, and players then take it in turns to wind a handle that randomly goes off at any time, covering their face in cream.

Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island

There was a time when you needed papier mache, paint, egg boxes and lots of kitchen roll holder to create the iconic Tracy Island, but DIY is no longer necessary. The relaunch of Thunderbirds has been accompanied by a new interactive island, offering more features than ever before. Featuring 40 different sounds, a wearable wrist locator, secret caves, and launching pads for the Thunderbirds vehicles, it is a far cry from the Blue Peter versions of yesteryear.

Minions Tumbling Stuart

Gru’s Minions were such a popular part of Despicable Me and its sequel that they were given their own movie in 2015, which has proven immensely popular with adults and children alike. To accompany its release, a Tumblin’ Talkin’ Stuart doll has been launched for fans to play with at home. His unique design means that Stuart will almost always land on his feet, no matter how or where he falls, while he has been programmed with his original movie voice to let everyone know he is OK after his tumble.