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Top 10 domestic tips: the bathroom


It can be easy to put things off if they’re not enjoyable, and cleaning the house is one of them.

Family life can mean that it’s impossible to keep the place spick and span at all times, but if you keep putting certain tasks off it can soon add up and seem like a mountain to climb.

With that in mind, we’ve created a series of guides that aim to keep your house in order at all times without putting in tonnes of effort. First up: the bathroom.

Getting started

Whether you have, one, two, three or even more bathrooms, cleaning them can be a daunting experience. Where do I start? How do I clean that? What’s the point? are all questions you might ask. Start by making a list of what needs doing in each bathroom or WC and then tick it off as you go along.


If you have a shower screen, there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing it clean. Avoid all the hassle by spraying on a dedicated glass cleaner after every shower, and then simply remember to rinse it before you have the next one for a permanent sparkle.


Scrubbing away bath grime can be an unpleasant experience at the best of times, so again prevention can be the cure. Use the shower head to wash away any soap deposits after bath time so that it’s not able to build up. A soothing candlelit bath or rubber duck-filled bath times with the kids will be far more pleasant.


Depending on the type of floor you have, there are a couple of approaches you can take. If your floor is tiled, it’s best to use a non-aggressive soap and water and a mop that won’t scratch the tiles. If your floor is laminate, it’s a good idea to use a mop with a replaceable head that can be loaded with disinfectant wipes, in order to ensure full coverage. Just let it dry before walking on it!

Wall tiles

Perhaps the peskiest thing of all, it can be frustrating having to clean the grout from between tiles, but certain household objects can make it easier. Rather than throwing away your old toothbrush, keep it in the cleaning cupboard. Then when it comes to scrubbing the grout, add a tiny bit of bleach and see it melt away in no time. Just remember to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and rinse it afterwards.


To keep your taps glimmering at all times, add a hint of lemon juice to a bucket of soapy water before scrubbing them. Not only will the citric acid help to remove grime and make them literally squeaky clean, it will also leave your bathroom smelling lemon fresh!


There’s no bones about it – if you’re cleaning the bathroom you’ll need to tackle the toilet at some point, which means it’s time for the marigolds. Installing a cleaning block under the bowl that slowly crumbles with every flush can prevent the build up of bacteria, as can pouring some bleach in the bowl before you leave the house each day. These tips can make the job far easier when it comes to the actual cleaning part and get the worst job over with in an instant.


Due to the high levels of steam that can often be created in bathrooms, mirrors often undergo quite a lot of strain. Regularly demisting them with kitchen roll can stop them from dulling, and ensuring that the extractor fan is always on while you’re in the bathroom can also help. A little glass cleaner also goes a long way – it’s not only windows that can benefit from it!


Unlike cabinets in other parts of the house, those in bathrooms are likely to come under more strain due to the moisture levels in the bathroom. So regularly cleaning is better than leaving it for days. A quick wipe down of surfaces can help to remove any water and ensure that mildew doesn’t have time to build up and cause any damage.

Towel rails and radiators

Although it can be tempting to simply leave wet towels on the towel rail until you next use them, they also need some TLC. Giving them a regular wipe down – particularly the top – can remove any dust and also prevent any dust stains on your fresh white towels, making it a win-win!