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The top five BBQ hacks you need to know this summer

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Raw food might still be one of the hottest food trends in the UK but it’s also one of the biggest fears amongst Brits hosting or attending a BBQ this summer.

A survey of over 2,000 Brits by leading barbecue brand Weber® found that whilst more than a third or Brits (36%) are worried about undercooking their food, two third of Brits (64%) admit to not checking they’ve properly cooked their food before tucking in.

The results follow the news from Weber that over half British adults don’t know the temperature that meat should reach to be safe to eat. An unsurprising fact when you hear that a fifth (19%) of Brits don’t know what the boiling point of water is and, staggeringly, two thirds of Brits (66%) don’t know the that their own internal body temperature is 37oC.

Simon Rimmer, who has partnered with Weber said: “We’ve all had some barbecue nightmares – sausages burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. But that shouldn‘t stop us getting together round a BBQ this summer, even with our hit and miss weather it’s still one of Britain’s top ways to socialise and with a few simple BBQ hacks we can all wow our friends with the perfect BBQ experience.

Weber and Simon Rimmer’s top 5 BBQ Hacks


This is the cornerstone of cooking the Weber way. Barbecuing with the lid on has lots of benefits from infusing your food with that unique smokey barbecue flavour, to helping control the temperature helping food to cook faster and more evenly. If you don’t use the lid then too much oxygen will get to your fuel, creating flames (or flare-ups) that can burn your food.


Often people are worried about undercooking meat on the barbecue and resort to precooking food in the oven, overcooking it so it’s burnt to a crisp or cutting into it to check it’s done. The best solution though is to use a thermometer and check the internal temperature of the meat – the new Weber iGrill is perfect and even has a Bluetooth connection to your Weber app on your phone so you don’t even need to be at the BBQ to know when it’s cooked to perfection. 


Your BBQ has warm, hot and hotter areas which you can use to cook in different ways. We refer to this as Direct and In-direct cooking. Direct cooking is where the heat source is directly under the food being cooked; perfect for foods that take less than 20 minutes – steaks, burgers, sausages.Indirect cooking is where the heat source is placed to either side of the food, and food is placed above the area without indirect heat; great for foods that take 20 minutes and above, roast meats, fish, desserts.


The secret to great cooking is great produce – that’s true whether you’re in the kitchen or behind a BBQ. Don’t be afraid to cook large pieces of meat and whole fish – low and slow is one of the best ways to use your barbecue. And think about ways to add flavour; marinades, smoking, charring – there are a wealth of opportunities with the flame and smoking to instill flavour through every layer and texture of the produce. The pairings of flavours can come alive when a BBQ is brought into the process.


There’s more to barbecuing than burgers and buns but even if sausages and burgers are your menu of choice we’ve become a nation of gourmet burgers so get creative and give your guests something to feed their Instagram account as well as their bellies. 


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