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The secret to a stress-free house move

Moving boxes

Moving house can seem like an unachievable task, especially if you have lived in your home for an extended period of time.

Layers of things just naturally accumulate, so it comes as no surprise that such a seemingly daunting task will cause considerable stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The main stress points are lost or broken belongings, running out of time, and general disorganisation and disarray. But the good news is that all these issues can be avoided with a little bit of planning.

Preparation is Key

You should view the untangling of one household to move to a new house not as one huge problem, but a series of small tasks that add up. Of course, small worries lead to big stress, but by taking the time to properly map out your plan of attack and by allowing enough time for yourself, moving day will go smoothly. Make good use of to-do lists and checklists. But where to start?

The Simple Things First

Start off your list of to-dos simply by choosing your moving date and setting it in stone. Book it off work, and the days both sides of moving day too, as the last thing you want is to burn the midnight oil packing around a normal working day.

Next, let your utility companies know your date of moving and your new address, and deal with other small pieces of moving day administration. These are very small tasks that grow more annoying the longer you leave them.

The Grand Declutter

Next up is to declutter your household, a task best done weeks ahead of your moving date. Sift through all of your belongings and furniture, making a list of items you’ll want to keep. Take notes, rate your sofa out of 10, and take a good, hard look at all of your worldly possessions.

A good test to see if you truly want to keep a piece of furniture is to imagine moving it across the country and up a flight of stairs on moving day. Donating, selling and recycling unwanted belongings also takes time, so getting this done with a few weeks to spare will save you from a mad dash on moving day.

Don’t Rush the Packing

Pack with plenty of time to spare, room by room from the top to the bottom of house. It will always take longer than expected, and you don’t want to be madly packing the night before moving day.

Rushing anything is a sure-fire way of making a mistake and getting stressed. Also, try not to leave the attic and garage until very last, as the volume of items held within those long-forgotten rooms may surprise you.

Get Professional Help

The best way to remove any likelihood of stress is hiring a professional removal company. You’ll be able to choose what part of the moving day you’ll receive help with, as companies tend to have a range of services to choose from, whether you want packing materials, a full packing service, or even just your piano moved.

You’ll want to avoid cowboys however, and only use accredited removal companies with Goods in Transit Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, and clear Terms and Condition to avoid even more stress.

Use Quality Packing Materials

If you’re packing your belongings yourself, remember not to skimp on materials. One of the worst and most stressful things that can happen during a move is to have a breakage: you don’t want a mixture of guilt and blame in an already fraught atmosphere. High quality boxes and packaging go a long way to ensure your belongings survive the move.

Label Everything

Save your future-self a huge amount of stress by labelling every box as you pack. This way, if you need something, you’ll know exactly where to look. Unpacking should be leisurely, and never be done in desperation. Remember: mystery boxes are only fun on your birthday.

Save Yourself from Panic

Save yourself from a huge panic and remember this simple point: all important documents, such as birth certificates, passports and mortgage documents, should be kept together in a folder or box and kept with you during the move. This removes any panic about forgetting important documents or not knowing where they are.

Remember essentials

Toiletries, a towel, tea and coffee, snacks, a kettle, your phone charger: all need to be accessible and ready for much-needed breaks and for your first day in your new house. Whether it be a first day facepack, or your favourite chocolate, remember to include some treats to take the edge off moving day. After all, after all this planning and hard work, you’ll have earned it!

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