The benefits of a new home warranty

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Buying a new home has a multitude of benefits, although for many people the main one is the peace of mind that stems from owning something brand new.

Buying a new home has a multitude of benefits, although for many people the main one is the peace of mind that stems from owning something brand new.

Knowing that you are the first person to occupy a property is a unique feeling, as you can not only put your own stamp on it, but can also rest assured that it will be a long time before anything needs replacing.

Furthermore, thanks to the NHBC and Premier Guarantee, you will know exactly which parts of your home are covered for the first ten years after construction, ensuring the only thing you have to worry about is furnishing your home.

Premier Guarantee

The Premier Guarantee New Homes Warranty offers a minimum of 10 years’ structural warranty cover from the date of the completion of the property.

Final checks on the property are carried out by a surveyor team, which then issues a Certificate of Acceptance declaring that it is ready to be occupied.

For the first two years of ownership, homeowners are covered by the Defects Insurance Period, under which the developer is responsible for correcting anything that is wrong with the property.

The second aspect of the New Homes Warranty is the Structural Insurance Period; if the homeowner spots anything wrong with the property, they call Premier Guarantee to determine whether the warranty covers them.

Generally, a multitude of factors are covered, including foundations, load-bearing parts of ceilings, floors, staircases, walls and roofs.

The warranty also covers chimneys and flues, roof coverings, external finishing surfaces such as rendering, and non-load bearing partition walls

Floor decking and screeds, wet applied plaster, and double or triple glazed panes to external windows and doors are also covered, meaning the vast majority of potential problems can be quickly and effectively dealt with.

The policy document includes detailed information about the level of cover available, while some other aspects are also covered depending on the development, such as contaminated land or building control – all of this information can be obtained by contacting the developer.


The NHBC Buildmark warranty requires homes to be built to NHBC standards and offers 10 years’ cover to put right any physical damage to the home caused by the builder failing to comply with the NHBC requirements.

For the first two years of ownership, the property owner is covered by the builder warranty and the NHBC Guarantee, which requires the developer to put right any damage caused by a failure to conform with NHBC guidelines.

Years three to 10 are then covered by the NHBC, which provides insurance to put right parts of the home damaged by failure to comply with NHBC requirements.

This includes foundations, walls, external cladding, curtain walling, external render and external vertical tile hanging, as well as roofs, ceilings, balconies, load-bearing parts of the floors, flues, chimneys and access steps.

The warranty also covers staircases, floor decking and screeds, retaining walls, double or triple-glazing panes to outside windows and outside doors, and below-ground drainage for which the homeowner is responsible.

Alternative accommodation costs are also covered, if the homeowner needs to move out of the property while repair work is taking place.

The policy document contains detailed information on what is covered, with further details on exclusions or limitations available by contacting the developer.